Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda says government has reinstated four out of eight civil servants who were suspended from the Ministry of Community Developments to pave way for investigations into allegations of theft of donor aid.

Speaking to journalists at State House, Wednesday, Chanda also revealed that President Edgar Lungu had received a report on the administrative inquiry he had ordered into the matter.

“I wish to also announce that the President received the report on the administrative inquiry that he had ordered in the Ministry of Community Development. And the administrative report is complete and submitted to the President, the President is hoary with the findings made so far but we are limiting our comments because the second part of the audit, which is the forensic audit is still ongoing. The forensic audit has completed at the Ministry headquarters but the auditors have now moved to Zampost head office in Ndola to complete this administrative inquiry which was undertaken in the Ministry of Community Development with regards to the alleged misapplication or misappropriation or theft of funds meant for social cash transfer,” said Chanda.

“But I can announce here that of the eight employees that were suspended to allow for smooth investigations, four have been reinstated and have resumed work because the administrative inquiry did not find them wanting. The minister, honorable Olipa Mwansa Phiri informed the President that the four have since resumed work and the others remain on suspension to allow for further investigations.”