Former Katuba UPND member of parliament Jonas Shakafuswa says he can never idolize people who count their power by stealing from the poor.

In an uncharacteristic Facebook posting, Wednesday, Shakafuswa said his loyalty was with the nation.

“I love my self. I don’t idolize men. Because they tend to succumb to human greed and selfishness. I have only fear of the Lord. So for these semi Gods just know that I will show that in fact you are the wrong Chaps. People count their power by stealing from the poor and want us to idolize them. Rubbish. Teshi chishi cha Ba manyina wanu. They want Loyalty when they are rotten Corrupt ! Not from me. I owe it to the nation,” Shakafuswa, who defected to the PF in 2016, stated.

His posting sparked an interesting discourse, with some of his followers congratulating him for being blunt to which he responded; “There has to be a time when we call a spade a spade. We can’t be cowed by thugs and you say we have a Nation. Thugs place in in Prison.”

Among those who supported his posting were former Sinda MMD member of parliament Levy Ngoma, who is now UPND chairman for agriculture.

“Jonas my friend. That’s the original you!! Fearless Zambian!! Let’s work together to redeem mother land! Well spoken!!” wrote Ngoma.

However, Martin Chikondi attacked Ngoma saying, “yes, but you Levy are just as bad as those PF thugs. May God never allow you back into Parliament,” to which Shakafuswa responded, “Martin Chikondi are you sure you can decide my fate? No you can’t. People earn Loyalty and respect. I left UPND because leader wanted to be treated like a God. What do you call morality. Supporting something you don’t believe in.”

Another follower, Melvin Banda, however, charged that Shakafuswa was politically unstable and could therefore not be trusted.

“Shaka, you are not somebody anybody can trust, even yourself you know that, as you are right now you can’t proudly associate with the PF and even the UPND because you are considered rotten in both camps, teshi chish chabanyinawabo just like you, be honest, realistic and stable politically,” Banda charged.

In response, Shakafuswa lamented that politics had become about tribe in Zambia.

“Experience is the best teacher. Are you sure I need a political Party for a platform. I have no political ambition. But talk for Zambia I will. And for your information, I have a big Constituency in Zambia. Zambian Politics has no Ideological orientation. It is anchored on tribe. This is what has killed the Nation. A tribe in power wanting to keep power over other tribes. Opposition wanting power to replace a certain tribe. You call that politics? You say I thought I could swim in money for supporting PF. No. If I wanted I could. There are so many opportunities. I wasn’t raised that way. I am very comfortable as I am. I supported PF because I believe at that time HH was not ripe enough to be President. Not the money. But what [if] I took a chance, HH could have won. But I took my support base to ECL,” Shakafuswa wrote.

Meanwhile, a UPND sympathizer Enock Seith warned Shakafuswa not to return to the opposition party.

“Dance to their tune becos you have no morality where politics is concerned. You are no different from a headless chicken. Dont even try to come to upnd becos judas’ can never trusted at all,” wrote Seith.

But Shakafuswa told him that he did not believe UPND was the solution.

“Enock Seith you think UPND is the solution . No I don’t need to be soiled by tribal division. Zambia will find a voice. Not through tribal politics but Zambian solution. Don’t subscribe to Politics which align itself with tribe. Talk of pay. Don’t you think I could have been idolizing someone? Not me. Most political leaders want to be treated like Gods. No they are human,” wrote Shakafuswa.