The PF and UPND youths on the Copperbelt have vowed to sort out each other out next week Tuesday when UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema appears for investigations at the Police divisional headquarters in Ndola.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, PF youths lead by provincial youth chairman Nathan Chanda held solidarity protests against what they called xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals by the UPND.

Small scale miners, commonly known as Jerabos, also joined the protests and warned that they would sort out anyone who attacks the foreign investors.

‘General’ of the Small Scale Miners Richard Chileshe who is known as Chile 1 said the miners do not want to be disturbed, and warned that the youths on the Copperbelt would not allow the UPND to continue causing confusion in the province.

“You want us to become jerabos again. Remember the past. We can sort you out,” Chileshe said in reference to the incident where he and his boys forced Hichilema to escape through the window of Sun FM radio in Ndola last time.

And ‘Commander’ of the Jerabos Cym Kalobo said the youths should not be pushed too far by those who want to bring confusion through xenophobic attacks.

Kalobo said any opposition leader that wants to peddle lies and bring confusion will be dealt with by the youths.

But UPND Copperbelt Youth Chairman Kelly Jibinga says their silence should never by taken as a sign of weakness by the PF.

Jibinga says the PF will be met with force if they continue to insult the UPND and its leadership.

“The UPND on the Copperbelt would want to advise that, the Sooner the PF stops overrating themselves, the better for Zambia and all of us. The UPND wants to send a strong warning to the PF and Nathan Chanda that never should they take our being civilised as a sign of weakness. And should you at one point try to prove your declaration that, Copperbelt is a no go area for the UPND, trust me. You will be sorry. Your manoeuvres will be met with unprecedented force. Bring it on, if you dare,” Jibinga warned.

“The UPND has not taken Nathan Chanda’s threats lightly and has since written to the Zambia Police to arrest Nathan Chanda for his life threatening threats on our President Hakainde Hichilema. The UPND will hold Nathan Chanda responsible should anything happen to HH while he is on the Copperbelt as he reports himself to the Police on a miscalculated PF engineered Police call out.”

He said the UPND was concerned about the safety of its president when he appears in Ndola on Tuesday, and vowed that there would be a showdown.

“We want to put it on record that we are concerned and fear for the life of our President. Despite all the PF evil plans, our preoccupation as UPND is to rescue Zambia from PF looting of our limited national wealth and national resources. And we shall not allow PF sponsored thuggery to intimidate us. The UPND has God given responsibility to give hope to the suffering majority Zambians,” Jibinga.

“It is these same Zambians across our beloved country who will stand with HH and UPND should the PF conveniently and blindly choose to ignore the fact that more than half the population of Zambia will stand with HH should PF arrest him on PF engineered ZAFFICO saga Charges. Facts are known and The world is watching.”