The Patriotic Front does not deserve another term in office and it must go in 2021, says People’s Alliance for Change leader Andyford Banda.

And Banda says it is unsustainable to keep preventing opposition leaders from engaging the electorate using the police.

Speaking when he featured on UNZA Radio’s Lusaka Star, Monday, Banda said it was time for citizens to agree that PF should go in 2021.

“We agree that probably, the best thing for this country is to change government and try a new leadership and I think as PAC, that’s what we are poised to do…if the PF are not changing their course of doing things, the best way is to call for them to be booted out in 2021 and I think for now, that is our conviction. I don’t think the PF deserves another term, I think we have to agree as a country that come 2021, the PF must go,” Banda said.

And Banda said it was unsustainable to keep preventing opposition leaders from engaging the electorate using the police.

“It is not going to work, it is unsustainable. The PF needs to focus more on working for the people. These schemes to frustrate the opposition won’t work. The biggest threat the PF has is unemployed youths, falling businesses, marketeers who are struggling, people who are losing jobs because of hard economic times and a whole lot of other people, these are the threats. And if the PF wants to stay in power, they are not going to stay in power by frustrating the opposition. They must create jobs and those people they will create jobs for will vote for them but the idea of frustrating the opposition to stay in power is not sustainable,” he said.

Meanwhile, Banda said politicians must learn to put their egos aside and confer on national issues for the sake of the country.

“There is no harm in coming together on things of national importance. If the country demands that we need to join hands on certain issues, I think we shall not hesitate to do that. At the end of the day, we are not there for ourselves and our egos, we are there for the country and so if we can say ‘can we come up with a joint statement or joint resolution on the dialogue’, I think we can agree. But in terms of 2021 elections, it is too early to call, I think all of us, as PAC, we are aiming for the top spot, PF is aiming for the top spot, UPND is aiming for the top spot, so those things can only be considered in 2021. But for now, PAC is busy working on the ground,” said Banda.

“And this issue is not just about opposition political party leaders, if President Lungu wants me to help him with something, as long as it is for the good of the people and I agree with what he wants me to help with, I would agree and say ‘Mr President, for this issue alone, I am going to assist you. So we shouldn’t look at our solidarity with Mr Hichilema as a hatred for the President or the PF, we shouldn’t look at me being found, once in a while, with President Lungu as a hate for the opposition. Anything that is in the best interest of the country, we need to get to a point where we agree. It is impossible to live in this atmosphere and think that we cannot agree at any point.”