President Edgar Lungu has gone on vacation at a private location in the Luangwa valley, State House Press Aide Amos Chanda has revealed.

Speaking to Hot FM radio in Lusaka this morning Chanda said President Lungu’s working holiday was kept secret in order to prevent people from disturbing his rest.

NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili had alleged, Wednesday, that President Lungu and Lusaka businessman Valden Findlay had sneaked out of the country to South Africa to cut deals.

But the President’s spokesperson said it was pointless responding to baseless allegations, while confirming that the Head of State was indeed out of State House.

“The job of a presidential spokesperson is so exhausting, so I will not waste more time in allegations that have no basis. What I will talk about is where the President is. He is on a short vacation, working vacation at a location in the Luangwa valley in Eastern Province and he will be returning once he takes a short break,” Chanda said.

He added that State House was sending work to him, but said the Head of State didn’t need to be disturbed by those wanting to see him.

“He is working there, we know what he is doing. We are sending work if we must. But the decision of State House is to give him as much rest as possible, so we are encouraging him to rest…,” Chanda said before the radio host asked him why State House kept the information a secret until the NDC leader raised speculation.

“I am telling you, the purpose of keeping him out of State House is to reduce the amount of work going to him. If we tell you the location where he is, and that place is not even barricaded; it’s not secure State House, then everyone we are preventing from reaching him will be reaching him, and therefore, the purpose of a short break will be defeated,” said Chanda.