Abuse of state institutions to intimidate political opponents clearly shows the weaknesses of those in power; the more they create victims, the deeper they dig their ditch says PAC president Andyford Banda.

And Banda has appealed to the PF government to focus on Zambians and not the opposition, saying their insecurity on what will befall them once they leave government, is another reason they don’t want to give their opponents a chance.

Meanwhile, Banda says when PAC forms government, they will tolerate those with different opinions, be; the opposition, activists, media and others.

In their weekly newsletter to News Diggers! Banda observed that Zambia’s political system seemed to accept that opposition politicians could be arrested on fake charges and then released.

“Our political system seems to accept that it’s okay for the ruling government to instruct police to stop opposition political parties from freely meeting with citizens to discuss what plans they have for the country, without due regard that they are stamping on the rights of the political parties and citizens,” he stated.

Banda observed that during colonial times, freedom fighters were intimidated and sent to jail for fighting for people’s rights.

He added that the only reason why white minority rulers sent freedom fighters to jail on trumped-up charges , was for them to advance their hold on power.

“The only reason why white minority rulers sent freedom fighters to jail on trumped-up charges was for them to advance their hold on power, in order to continue abusing resources that belonged to the indigenous people. For example, during apartheid, the white minority rulers even created laws that legalised the abuse of the black majority,” Banda stated.

He stated that Zambia had recently witnessed the happenings of the colonial times, citing an example of when UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and Chishimba Kambwili were summoned by the police.

“In our country we have noticed all these happenings when recently, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilima was summoned in Ndola last week and this week, NDC Consultant Chishimba Kambwili was also summoned in Luanshya. As you may have guessed it, next week we have no idea who might be summoned and we don’t know where. The point is these levels of intolerance must not be accepted in our democratic dispensation,” he stated.

And Banda observed that most governments that focused on intimidating their opponents, failed to deliver their promises.

“It’s also a fact that opposition political parties do not have the freedom to have meetings without being disrupted by the police. Most governments that focus more on intimidating opponents actually fail to deliver promises made to the people and in fact abuse various institutions, from police to Judiciary, to state resources. They put their energies on fixing enemies as a strategy to hold on to power and a warning to other political opponents that this is the fate that awaits them should they continue speaking against those in authority.” he observed.

“Clearly what we are seeing from all these political intimidations is the panic and weaknesses of the perpetrators. The abuse of state institutions such as the police to intimidate political opponents just clearly shows the weaknesses of those who found comfort and security in machinery which is temporal and clearly not theirs. Since most perpetrators are blinded by power and money, they can’t see that the more they create victims, the deeper they are digging their ditch.”

Banda stated that Zambia should not accept such politics, adding that PF’s insecurity on what would befall them when they leave government, was why they didn’t want to give their opponents a chance.

“As a country, we must not accept this kind of politics. We must know that any government that perpetrates this governance style must be given a straight red card. Insecurity on what may befall them should they leave government, is another reason why they don’t want to give their opponents a chance. Because they know a number of illegalities that they have committed and what may befall them should there be change of government,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Banda stated when PAC forms government, it would ensure an independent police service.

“A PAC government will ensure an independent police service fully equipped to maintain law and order, as opposed to being used as a unit of intimidating political opponents. A PAC government will allow democracy to flourish as a platform to share ideas and will tolerate those that have different opinions either opposition political parties, activists, the media and others. The PAC government will understand that the people of Zambia have the right to listen to divergent views and alternative plans for this country,” he stated.

Banda appealed to the PF to focus on the people and not the opposition.