Democratic Party (DP) 2021 presidential candidate Harry Kalaba says he is going to pull a shocker in the 2021 general elections as he will be the first to win the presidential elections after campaigning for only three years.

Meanwhile, Kalaba’s presence in Chililabombwe on Sunday caused panic in the ranks of police and intelligence officers in the district who trailed his motorcade.

Kalaba, who is also Bahati PF member of parliament, said this at a Democratic Party fundraising dinner in Chingola District, Saturday.

“This country is going to witness something that has never been seen before. Yes, there are those of you who are doubting that Kalaba Harry can’t do this, many have tried but have failed. But we want to tell you a different story that we don’t start things that we don’t accomplish, this is a journey that will end in celebration. Because you are the new majority, you are standing on the correct side of history, when those who write books of history, will be writing those books, you will be found on the right side of the argument. You have chosen to believe when others cannot believe. Others think that it can’t be done, in three years, how can Harry Kalaba become President only in three years’ time? That’s why I told you that you are witnessing history in the making because it is going to be done. For those who are telling us that we can’t, I have got a word for them this evening, that the carpet beneath your feet has been swept off,” Kalaba said.

“The Zambian people know what is right, the Zambian people know who to vote for, and the Zambian people have felt the burden of poverty for far too long now they are making history. They are going to choose and craft their own destiny and nobody is going to force them in a destiny that’s not theirs. We are the ones who are going to change the destiny of this country, we are going to change the destiny of this country without violence, without hatred, without betrayal, without greed.”

Kalaba noted that government officials were putting self-interests above the interests of citizens.

“Is this the same country where Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe lived? Is this the same country where Peter Matoka lived? Is this the same country where Simon Kalaba my own father lived? Is this the same country where Mungoni Linso and all leaders of independence struggle lived? If Dr [Kenneth] Kaunda had agreed what the European powers were proposing, to build a house for him and open an account where millions of pounds would have been put for him, our independence would have been delayed. The disparity between today’s leadership and the leadership of the beginning is huge. The leadership of today has the propensity for material wealth, the leadership of yester years put people before self. We have to go back to the drawing board as a country, we have pontificated wrong things at the expense of the substantive,” Kalaba said.

Kalaba said those in government are dividing people in order to hold on to power at the expense of uniting the country.

“We have played enough jokes, we have seen enough drama, we have seen enough hooliganism and caderism. We have forgotten the substantive, we have forgotten that we need to work together as a country. But this is not happening because our leaders who should help us to come together, are only helping us to get divided, our leaders are insisting on our weaknesses, not our strengths. We have seen politicians who have strived on habits that have divided this country for far too long,” he said.

“While we are seated here, the spin masters, those who bring people down are also planning on how to bring us down, but we are telling them that ‘not this group’ because nobody is going to bring us down, we have proclaimed Isiah 54:17 upon ourselves ‘no weapon formed against us shall prosper.”

And Copperbelt DP chairperson John Mulenga assured Kalaba that the party would continue growing at a fast rate in the province.

Earlier, Kalaba donated K10,000 to Chingola’s Buyantanshi SDA Church when he attended the ‘Church building promotion’ where he was invited as guest of honour by the Church.

District Pastor for Buyantanshi SDA Church Kerrys Liyambai thanked Kalaba and the DP for the gesture.

Pastor Liyambai also expressed his admiration for Kalaba saying he is a clean politician who does not practice politics of insults.

“Honourable Kalaba is a very intelligent and loving man. His love for God and the church is outstanding. I like this man becasuse he does not do politics of insults. If I had some united states dollars I would have given this man, but I can only wish him God’s blessings as he continue with is journey of wanting to be president of Zambia,” said Pastor Liyambai.

Meanwhile, Kalaba’s presence in Chililabombwe on Sunday caused panic in the ranks of police and intelligence officers in the district who trailed his motorcade.

However, the DP security team tricked the intelligence officers by making them believe that Kalaba was in a motorcade which comprised of his official vehicle, when in fact, he was driven off in another car and was already attending a prayer meeting with local pastors elsewhere.