Democratic Party presidential candidate Harry Kalaba says he will not be scared by anybody, including police officers who are fond of constantly trailing him.

And Kalaba, who is also Bahati PF Member of Parliament, says Christians have the duty to pray for leaders in the country.

Speaking to journalists in Chifunauli District in Luapula Province, Sunday, shortly after Samfya police officers trailed his motorcade, Kalaba vowed not to be intimidated or fear anyone because he remains unmoved by such manoeuvres.

Intelligence officers and local police, who were in a white Minibus registration number ALH 7250, started trailing Kalaba’s motorcade, which was coming from Kasaba Parish were he attended a Church service, to Lubwe Mission.

The police later stopped at Nshungu Primary School, but hastily sped off when Kalaba tried to approach them.

The former foreign affairs minister, wondered why police officers were trailing him, saying he was was not in the area to break the law.

“They were trailing me so I stopped so that we know each other and there you saw, I was flagging them down and they have sped off! How do you start hunting what you can’t kill? We are not here to break the law, but to do what is right. All we want is to ensure that this country remains free to everybody because it is not good if people are not free. Zambia is for everybody, and if it is me, I am not in the business of getting scared of anybody,” Kalaba said.

And Kalaba said Christians had the duty to pray for leaders in the country.

He said this at Kasaba Parish where he joined the local people in prayer.

“We are here to pray with you, and we want to remind you that, as Christians, you have a duty to pray for us leaders. Pray for leaders so that we do what is right for the people,” appealed Kalaba.

Kalaba later interacted with the Xavarian Movement and contributed K1,000 towards the purchase of uniform material.

Earlier, Kalaba attended Church Service at Lubwe Parish.