Patriotic Front (PF) Media Director Sunday Chanda says the consortium of leading opposition political parties formed to work together to fight President Edgar Lungu is an “Outlandish Union of Leeches” that comprises practitioners of bad governance who have failed to promote intra-party democracy.

And Chanda has charged that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is a wicked man who cannot be trusted because he believes he was born to boss everyone and serve no one.

In a statement, Chanda predicted that the Opposition Alliance would not hold because it was not built on a firm foundation of virtue, saying it was instead planted on negative soil of false pretences.

“The strength of any building lies in its foundation because the purpose is to hold the structure above it and keep it upright. The strength of any building is therefore, as good as its foundation. By the same token, an alliance formed by practitioners of bad governance cannot promote good governance just as glorified dictators cannot promote democracy,” Chanda stated.

The PF Media Director wondered what good would come out of a union of personality cults, wound around the little finger of Hichilema, who Chanda described as a master manipulator that had arm-twisted his party’s constitution to enable him mislead it indefinitely.

“Zambians have watched this clumsy circus act before. In 2006 three opposition parties, FDD, UNIP and UPND came together and formed United Democratic Alliance (UDA) with a view to floating one Presidential candidate. Despite being a newcomer and inexperienced, Hichilema manipulated his way to stand on the UDA ticket in the same manner he manipulated his way to succeed the late Anderson Mazoka as UPND leader,” he stated.

And Chanda charged that Hichilema was a wicked man who could not be trusted saying his alliances were never symbiotic but always parasitic.

He said no good could be expected from Hichilema whose ego was bigger than the sum weight of the other opposition party leaders in the alliance including the excessive tonnage of Kambwili’s inflated ego.

“Hakainde has been making manoeuvres to carve a serfdom of opposition parties with himself as feudal lord and the likes of Tembo, Milupi, Mulongoti and other nondescript wannabes tagging along at his coat tail as serfs. Hichilema has wrapped his serfs around his little finger under an acronym which would more appropriately stand for “Outlandish Union of Leeches” rather than what they are calling themselves,” stated Chanda.