Democratic Party (DP) presidential candidate Harry Kalaba has asked Zambians to rally with the party up to and beyond 2021 to achieve a just and equitable Zambia.

And Kalaba says the DP presents a transformative agenda to change the political systems and re-establish trust in government by having value-driven leadership.

In DP’s newsletter to News Diggers! on ‘why the people of Zambia should vote for the DP Presidential candidate’, Kalaba noted that millions of Zambians were in a dilemma as who to vote for in the upcoming 2021 election.

He lamented that it was depressing that all politicians had been given a tag of dishonesty.

“Millions of Zambians, eligible and ineligible voters, are understandably in a quandary as who to vote for in the 2021 general elections. Better put, Zambians seem to be in a political predicament as to who should drive the mantle of responsibility for this resourceful country, come 2021. The argument for the political indecision, at least going by popular public responses or whispers, is that all politicians are the same – they never fulfil their electoral pledges. It’s undoubtedly depressing that politicians have been given that tag of dishonesty,” Kalaba stated.

He, however, added that ordinary citizens were not to blame for that perception because successive politicians had continued to perpetuate political acts that had eroded their confidence.

“Ordinary citizens are not to blame for this perception as successive politicians have continued to perpetuate a sequence of political acts that have eroded citizens’ confidence and aspirations, leading to the unfortunate common belief of politics being a means to politicians’ self-aggrandizement,” he stated.

And Kalaba stated that DP hoped to build a transformed, united and developed Zambia with shared prosperity for the people, as well as for future generations.

“The DP presents a generational transformative agenda to positively change the political systems and to re-establish trust in our government by having value-driven political leadership who will promote equitable and sustainable development. A leadership that will be true to fiscal responsibility, remain engaged and accountable to the people of Zambia, and hopes to build coherency and transparency of systems,” Kalaba pledged.

He asked Zambians to rally with DP up to and beyond 2021 to ensure that a just and equitable Zambia that everyone would be proud of, was built.

“We ask for your commitment to rally with us up to and beyond 2021 to ensure that we build a just and equitable Zambia that we will all be proud of. A Zambia that addresses the needs of the poor the same way it addresses the needs of those who walk the corridor of power. A Zambia where social protection will be safeguarded and not pillaged through wanton abuse of the Social Cash Transfer. A Zambia that will make us all stand tall and be proud to belong to this great nation. We ask you to join us as we embark on this journey,” appealed Kalaba.

“Zambia needs to regain its lost glory and expedite its social economic development. This can only be done when we believe again. Not all is lost. The past has armed us with critical information to demonstrate our capacity for resilience and turn things around by believing in ourselves as real game changers. Let’s believe again! Let’s ‘Believe Again’ epitomizes the hardworking Zambians to create wealth and jobs for all. While the PF political leadership and government has closed its doors on equal and equitable social economic gains, the Democratic Party presents a key to collective action for shared prosperity.”