UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma says the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and other parties are free to choose representatives attending the upcoming Church-led national dialogue.

And Kakoma says debates on who should attend the Church-led dialogue are irrelevant since issues discussed in the dialogue include all Zambians.

“If that party (NDC) wishes that its consultant Chishimba Kambwili should represent it, so be it. Since that is the party’s choice and no one should stand in the way of the party’s constitutional choice. As a party that values the national dialogue, we respect the decisions of other parties that will be represented by representatives of their choice, including the NDC,” Kakoma stated.

He added that any party qualifies to attend the Church-led dialogue, which will discuss matters affecting every Zambian.

“Therefore, the debate on who should attend the Church-led dialogue is not necessary as issues to be discussed affect all citizens irrespective of their status,” Kakoma added.

He further stated that there was need for all stakeholders to prioritise issues of national concern.

“As a country, we must set our priorities right and avoid discussing issues that will not in any way foster peace and development in our nation. We must, as leaders, place the interest of the people first and this is why in the UPND we say: ‘Zambia and Zambians first’. On account of this, we would like to state that the National Democratic Congress party (NDC) is free to choose who should attend the Church Mother Bodies-led national dialogue slated for January 18, 2019,” stated Kakoma.