PF should have gone after Sata, it’s a curse – Changala

Civil rights activist Brebner Changala has charged that the ruling Patriotic Front shouldn’t have continued in power after the death of its founding leader, Michael Sata, sating it has proven to be a curse to Zambia.

And Changala says President Edgar Lungu’s PF is a direct opposite of Sata’s party that won the 2011 elections because making money is the incumbent’s top agenda.

In a statement, Changala recollected that the coming of PF to power in 2011 brought not only hope to many, but also high expectations in the advancement of human rights and the rule of law on the part of the Executive and other arms of government.

He also recalled that president Sata led a humble life despite his aggressive verbal character and died trying to live and actualise his campaign manifesto of transforming Zambia to the letter.

“President Michael Chilufya Sata promised to transform Zambia through infrastructure development. President Michael Chilufya Sata died trying to live and actualise his campaign manifesto to the letter. President Sata lived and led a humble life despite his aggressive verbal character coupled with intimidating facial features. Yes! Michael Chilufya Sata tried not to live beyond his means. Sata was but basic in all spheres. President Sata inspired and gave hope to the poor and those in need of a better tomorrow. Yes, indeed, Michael was not a saint, like myself, Sata was a perpetual sinner,” Changala recalled.

He argued that the PF shouldn’t have continued in power after Sata’s demise because it has now clearly proven to be a curse on Zambians.

“With hindsight, I strongly believe that, PF as a political party should not have continued in power after the death of its founder leader, president Sata. There are many reasons one can fairly advance on the PF’s unfitness to hold on to State power. The pro-poor PF vision of president Sata died the day he died. Right or wrong on my part, PF as a governing party and its leadership are but a curse to Zambia and our collective aspirations in pursuit of human rights, rule of law, equal and fair opportunities,” he stated.

Changala noted that making money was President Lungu’s number one political agenda.

“Education standards and health institutions have fallen apart. Clinics and hospitals have no drugs and clinical equipment. The new PF of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is a direct opposite of president Sata’s PF. President Lungu’s PF is of ‘Hollywood stars.’ Making-money and dancing ‘dununa reverse’ is their number one political agenda. Service to humanity is last,” he added.

“The new PF of President Lungu has impoverished our countrymen and women through high taxes, unemployment, dictatorship and has empowered the Chinese in all sectors of our lives. Yes! PF of President Lungu is a curse now. No one talks now in Zambia; Chinese money talks for us through PF. What can we do? Police officers are sleeping in Chinese houses and dreaming about China. ZAF officers and army officers are sleeping in Chinese houses and dreaming about China. Our entire Cabinet sleeps in China half of the year. God, please, help us.”

Meanwhile, Changala pointed out some reforms which needed to be conducted in Zambia.

“My personal demands from Zambians are that: Appointments to the High Court and Supreme Court Bench must be truly transparent and on merit; we need 90 days of LAZ and public scrutiny; the Judiciary should be adequately and independently funded; the Human Rights Commission must have powers to release those incarcerated for exercising their fundamental; Public Protector must be adequately funded independent of the executive arm of government; Drug Enforcement Commissioner must be a constitutional Officer with security of tenure, so that he/she can investigate without fear or favour and should not serve on contract,” stated Changala.

“Anti-Corruption Commission Director General and directors must be constitutional officers if they have to investigate corruption without fear or favour and must appointed on merit. A President or the Vice President violating the Law or the Constitution must be impeached. A President or Vice President who has no regard for a court order must be impeached. Public media must be accessed by both side of the political divide as they don’t belong to the ruling party, but to the tax payer.”

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