The Shiwang’andu Town Council, in partnership with UNICEF, has allocated K264,500 for rehabilitation, repair and upgrading of 50 water boreholes in the constituency.

According to a statement issued by council public relations officer Mutemwa Sakala, the Shiwang’andu Town Council released K40,500 of its Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to rehabilitate 20 boreholes, while UNICEF released K224,000 for 30 boreholes.

“Shiwang’andu Town Council with the help from its co-operating partners has embarked on rehabilitating and repairing of boreholes across Shiwang’andu District of Muchinga Province. The local authority under the projects eligible category: Water Supply and Sanitation, Rehabilitation and Construction of; Wells, Boreholes, has allocated K40,500 from CDF to repair and upgrade 22 boreholes,” Sakala announced.

Sakala also stated that the project was aimed at increasing accessibility to clean and safe drinking water for the rural population.

“The Ministry of Local Government through the Department of Housing and Infrastructure Development (DHID), which embarked on the National Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Programme (NRWSSP), has been working with UNICEF to ‘increase accessibility to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities’ for the rural population in Zambia. As a way of contributing to the national goal of ‘universal access to safe, adequate and reliable water supply and sanitation services,’ UNICEF, a co-operating partner has disbursed K224,000 towards the rehabilitation of 30 boreholes in 2019 in Shiwang’andu District,” stated Sakala.