Roan PF member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili says Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini will this afternoon declare his seat vacant.

Kambwili has told News Diggers in an interview that Speaker Matibini will declare the Roan seat vacant in a ruling on a point of order raised by Eastern Province Minister Makebi Zulu last week.

“Intelligence has told me that there was a caucus meeting on Friday where State House prevailed on the Speaker to declare the Roan seat vacant. PF paid Mwenya Musenge to go and say ‘Kambwili has been expelled then once Mwenya Musenge says that, they cause a bit of confusion, then once I respond that I have not been expelled, then they use it against me. So you saw on Thursday, they asked the Malambo member of parliament, Minister of Eastern Province to raise a point of order after that Mwenya Musenge confusion and then he says ‘honorable Kambwili has crossed the floor, is he in order to remain in parliament? So the Speaker was called and told that at all costs, he has to declare the Roan seat vacant today, so the Speaker is doing it today,” Kambwili said.

Asked if he would be in the House to witness this, Kambwili replied in the negative, saying he would not even fight the Speaker’s decision.

“No, I will not be there. I have already known the outcome, I have already been told, reliably, by reliable sources and the only thing I can say is that there is a limit to which you can fight so this time around I am ready for them and we will go and meet in the elections. I will not even challenge it,” said Kambwili.

Asked if he would be full time NDC, Kambwili said, “That story is for another day, I just wanted to communicate this.”