Eastern Province PF aspiring Provincial Chairman Elias Daka says the decision by President Edgar Lungu to nullify his expulsion, together with Petauke’s Emmanuel (Jay Jay) Banda shows that the Patriotic Front stands on democracy.

Addressing a press briefing, Wednesday, in Chipata where he also announced his candidature for the position of Provincial Chairman in the upcoming PF intra-party elections, Daka who is fondly referred to as Eliboma, thanked President Lungu for intervening in his predicament.

On Wednesday last week, outgoing Eastern Province PF Chairman Andrew Lubusha expelled Banda and Daka, alleging that the duo had breached the party constitution.

Lubusha further alleged that the expulsion was arrived at after a central Committee meeting and instructions from party secretary general Davies Mwila, when in fact his actions had no blessing of the party Secretariat.

“I would like firstly to thank his His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Zambia, Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu for his quick intervention to lift the expulsion. This has proven that he is on top of things to promote intra party democracy and protect the rights of members. Secondly, I would like to thank the Secretary General of the mighty party, the Patriotic Front, Honourable Davies Mwila and the Central Committee for supporting the intra party democracy by lifting this suspension. Sir, you have proven that PF is a democratic party that operates and stands on democracy,” said Daka.

“I would like to appeal to Patriotic Front members in the Province to remain calm and united for the good cause of the mighty Patriotic Front as we look forward a free, fair and democratic intra – party election from constituency, district and the Province. These elections are not meant to divide us but to strengthen and grow the party in readiness for the 2021 general elections. May I also take this opportunity to announce my candidature for the position of Provincial Chairman for the inter party elections in Eastern Province. I have drawn this inspiration from the overwhelming support and encouragement from the general members, that is the Church; the business community; and the party members at large.”

On Tuesday after President Lungu nullified the expulsions, Lubusha told the press during a briefing in Chipata that he did not follow the party constitution guidelines when he decided to expel Daka and Banda.

“I received an instruction from the Secretary General, he told me yesterday (Tuesday) to immediately lift the suspension for Mr Emmanuel (Jay) Banda and Mr Elias Daka and refer the matter to the Constituency. Therefore we have referred the matter to the constituency Chairman Mr Mutangwala and the constituency Chairman for Petauke central to handle the matter. We have therefore withdrawn the earlier letters of expulsion because the laid down procedures as per our party constitution demands that an accused must be given an opportunity to be heard before a decision is made, and that was not done. My letter of retraction was clearly instructing me to effect that directive, which I did. So that’s the current situation. But all in all, the expulsion has been withdrawn with immediate effect and we’ve declared them null and void,” said Lubusha.