UPND secretary general Steven Katuka says Major Richard Kachingwe should not expect the Opposition Alliance to spare his son from the list of people that it intends to drag to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for allegedly being involved in violence in Sesheke on the basis that he was a UPND member.

In a statement, Tuesday, Katuka stated that Major Kachingwe should instead advise his son, Mpange, to prove his innocence before the ICC once he is taken there.

“As a member of the Opposition Alliance, we wish to take great exception to Mr. Kachingwe’s unfair accusations of president Hichilema and the UPND over his son Mpange Kachingwe’s involvement in the Sesheke political violence. If Major Kachingwe believes his son was mistakenly identified in the political violence, the ICC will acquit him. It is our considered view that we do not leave any stone un-turned as we bring the matter before the ICC,” Katuka stated.

“Perhaps Mr Kachingwe wanted us to leave out his son on account of him being UPND. Unfortunately, this ICC issue has no regard for a relative, but will focus on those involved in the Sesheke violence and attempted assassination of president Hakainde Hichilema where live ammunition were fired, and all those who have led to the loss of life of our fellow citizens, persecution of political opponents, and all those involved in State-sponsored militia as presented by the Opposition Alliance. When a relative is involved in criminal activity, he should be regarded as a criminal and not a relative.”

Katuka advised Major Kachingwe against “cleansing” his son through a press briefing.

“The issue of the ICC has nothing to do with Kachingwe’s son alone, but has everything to do with justice, human rights and the rule of law. Instead of Mr. Kachingwe cleansing his son through a press briefing, we urge him to prove his innocence at the ICC. The son and the PF officials will not be the first ones to be indicted to under the Roman Statute. Further, public self-cleansing will not deter us from going ahead with our quest for justice,” Katuka stated.

And Katuka noted that the UPND would remember Major Kachingwe for his efforts in marketing Hichilema.

“As a party, we shall remember Major Kachingwe for having authored a book titled: “The Making of a President,” in which he explained what makes president Hichilema the next President of Zambia. We thank him for his efforts to market HH. Major Richard Kachingwe appeared to believe in HH, but is this time, off the mark. We wish Major Kachingwe well in his new political career,” noted Katuka.