MMD faction leader Felix Mutati has told members to work hard and mobilize resources for the party because “it is dry in the opposition”.

Mutati, who is on the Copperbelt Province for a series of meetings with party structures, told members that there was a need to embrace the spirit of sacrifice for the party, saying opposition politics were different from ruling party politics.

He said as president, he would do his part by mobilising resources for the smooth operations of the party but asked members to also sacrifice their time to ensure that they bring more members to the MMD.

“We are in opposition, we need to sacrifice and we should also be humble. We should realise that things are different from those days when we were in government. It is dry in the opposition; you also know that. So we want the spirit that we had, the spirit of volunteerism, the spirit of sacrificing to the party MMD. If we work hard, it is only God who knows what the future holds but if we don’t work hard, then the party suffers and we achieve nothing,” Mutati said, according to an article by the MMD media team.

And Mutati said politicians should fight with ideas instead of engaging in political violence which was retrogressive.

Mutati said parties should not force citizens to vote for individuals they don’t want but allow voters to willfully elect leaders.

“What we know as MMD is that leaders are chosen by people and not pangas. Do pangas choose leaders? Let people have a free will to choose their leaders. Don’t force leaders on people with pangas. So we want these by-elections which are coming in Bahati and Roan, let people chose their MPs freely. Let the people of Bahati and Roan choose a person they want. Don’t force them using pangas and other weapons,” said Mutati.

“Let political parties emulate MMD in conducting peaceful campaigns. I was a campaign manager in Roan for a by election and we did not have violence and people willfully chose their MP. We didn’t have violence but only debated on our policies as political parties. And you as members of the MMD, help your leaders to tell others that there is no development in punches. We are one people but you can’t say One Zambia, One Nation while welding a panga, it is not one Zambia, one panga.”

Mutati has so far held meetings with MMD district officials from Chililabombwe, Chingola, Chambishi and Kitwe.