Copperbelt minister Japhen Mwakalombe says the forthcoming Copperbelt Investment Expo has targeted to create 200,000 jobs for the youth.

In an interview after laying wrath for the youth day celebrations in Ndola, Mwakalombe said youths are a resource that should be well nurtured.

He said government has taken keen interest in the plight of youths on the Copperbelt.

“As you are aware, we will be having the Copperbelt Investment Expo in June this year. We will create 200,000 jobs for the youths. That is what we stand for and we want our youths to use their skills,” Mwakalombe said.

“Again it makes me happy to see that we have youths from different political parties. This is the way it should be. Youths should not be agents of political violence and abuse. It is a resource that we should make use of. To our youths, use this day in a productive manner.”

He said youths should not get educated to be employed, but to work for themselves.

“Youths should stop thinking that they go to school to get educated and get employed. They are the resource of the country through their skills. We want to ensure that there is equality of development in all the districts of the Copperbelt. So to do this we need to create more jobs for our youths.”

“We want to turn the old mines into tourism sites, we want to turn our weaknesses into strengths. There are a lot of opportunities, that can help us attract foreign direct investment. Our target for the expo is to create 200,000 jobs for our youths,” Mwakalombe said.