The Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit has warned that the tropical cyclone which is forming over Mozambique will extend to Zambia.

In a statement, DMMU communications officer Racheal Chama stated that the cyclone could affect Luapula, Northern, Central, Southern, Muchinga and parts of Eastern provinces.

“The Southern African Development Community – Climate Services Centre has predicted that a tropical storm is forming over Mozambique, which will migrate inland and make land fall over eastern Mozambique. The tropical cyclone is likely to extend to Zambia and affect Luapula, Northern, Central, Southern, Muchinga and parts of Eastern provinces. Districts such as Lunga, Chilubi, Luwingu, Mporokoso, Kawambwa, parts of Mansa and Milenge are likely to receive rainfall in excess of 10mm from March 16. The cyclone which is likely to make land fall in Zambia from 15th – 20th March 2019, will be characterised by high velocity winds, heavy rainfall storms may result in flash and localized floods and debris,” Chama stated.

“In view of the above, human habitation may collapse rendering people homeless, lives and property may be lost, fields may be submerged, livestock may be affected and crossing points washed away die to the floods.”

Chama urged communities in identified districts to “avoid vulnerable buildings”.

“The Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU), wishes to urge the communities in the identified districts to minimise movements and avoid vulnerable buildings. Communities are also advised to take caution when approaching flooded rivers and avoid crossing on flooded low level bridges during the forecast period. The Zambia Meteorological Department will continue monitoring the situation and keep the nation updated. DMMU will also continuously issue early warning information through SMS, radio and television,” stated Chama.