Expelled PF Member of the Central Committee (MCC) Christopher Yaluma says he has accepted the decision by party Secretary General Davies Mwila to remove him from the party’s decision-making committee.

In an interview, Tuesday, Yaluma, who is also Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry said he will continue being a member of the PF and Malole constituency member of parliament as his allegiance remained with the people who elected him.

“I don’t make anything out of it, you know, that is the prerogative of the leadership up, and when they do that as a member, you accept, there is nothing I can do. I have taken that thing, I have looked at it and I have accepted. And that just makes me work even harder to push the PF on top in my constituency. There is nothing I can do, the leaders have decided,” Yaluma said.

And he said he will continue being a PF member and MP as he was elected by the people of Malole to represent them.

“Of course, I will continue being PF; I will continue being MP because the people of Malole elected me. That (being MCC of PF) is just something that came in, you become an MP then other things such as being Minister follows, the party also decides to give you another responsibility. I am still very supportive of the party and I will continue working hard for the PF,” Yaluma explained.

“I am doing a lot of things in my constituency, I go there every month. That one is unquestionable; I have never forgotten my constituency and my people. Nobody can say anything. I owe my allegiance to the PF party and specifically to the people of Malole who voted for me and for the President. We will continue, we will soldier on and get good results as always.”

He also disclosed that he would re-contest the Malole constituency seat for a third term if the PF decided to adopt him as its candidate in 2021.

“I will continue, yes, unless the people of Malole say ‘enough is enough’ but I have done a lot and I am still doing a lot, even the entire January I was in the constituency, flat out! And the things I am doing are being seen, I really work very hard for that constituency and I can’t doubt re-election,” said Yaluma.

“Because there are two things here: being PF MCC and as an MP. So, I still remain indebted to the party for having given me an opportunity to run in there. They have always given me an opportunity and I am still in there and I will still continue to even have more votes.”