Defence Minister Davis Chama has called on all Zambians to be patriotic in helping the nation to develop and not sacrifice national development at the expense of political expediency.

According to a statement issued by First Secretary at the Zambian Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York Wallen Simwaka, Chama said this when he addressed diplomats at the Zambian Mission in that country where he went to attend the 2019 UN Peacekeeping Ministerial Conference.

He said the PF government was determined to turn round the country’s economic fortunes, adding that it was government’s desire that citizens change their mind-set and begin to exhibit patriotism toward the social and economic development of the country.

But he advised citizens not to sacrifice Zambia’s economic progression at the expediency of political populism.

“We are one people and we must be patriotic. There are different nations with different languages and the UN has united us as one. At national level, we must exhibit the same spirit the UN has of unity in diversity,” Chama urged.

Chama said with Zambia being a multiparty party democracy, the ruling Patriotic Front party was expected to face criticism from the opposition.

“I know you are following what is happening at home. As the PF government, we have an ambitious programme to transform the country and improve people’s lives. Our mission is to galvanize our abundant resources and economically transform the country. But what we are doing and achieving will continue to be opposed and resisted by the opposition. Zambia has entrenched her democratic credentials so it is expected that there shall be resistance even when what we are doing is correct and meant to improve the lives of the people,” Chama said.

And Chama, the former PF secretary general, said Zambia’s need for robust economic infrastructure such as roads, bridges and houses should be supported by continued hard work among well-meaning Zambians.

The Minister said government had embarked on an ambitious and well-structured agenda of transforming the country and improve the living standards of its citizens.