Muchinga MMD member of parliament Howard Kunda says it is painful to lose elections so the Patriotic Front must work hard in order to secure victory in the 2021 elections.

Speaking during a campaign meeting in Roan, Monday, Kunda, who was in Minister of Home Affairs Steven Kampyongo’s Roan campaign team, said President Lungu had allowed him to travel with ministers because he was in good books with the Head of State.

“I have come here to warn you, the MMD has sent me to come and warn you because losing an election is painful. Isn’t it ourselves you removed from power as MMD? I am talking to PF leaders, losing an election is painful. We have lost before as MMD and we know how it feels. Therefore to avoid losing, we must start with this opportunity that we have been given, this is the time to correct things so that by the time we will be reaching 2021 we will just be moving smoothly,” Kunda said.

Kunda who is late former republican vice-president George Kunda’s son, said PF and MMD were worried about losing the 2021 polls to other people.

“I am moving with ministers, they carrying and telling me that ‘let’s go so that you also see’ and as we are touring, I am also having time to interact with fellow citizens like we are doing now. We are doing this because we are worried, we don’t want to lose to other people because they may throw us in a ditch. What we should do is to strengthen each other and vote for Mr. Chibuye. By the time it will be 2021, we don’t even have to struggle, this is where we should start working hard so that we prepare for 2021. Development can only come from the government, now we hear that that person is coming from Solwezi, how can he know the challenges of this area?” asked Kunda.

“Myself I am from the MMD, we work together with the President. Now how will those who insult the President deliver development? I am here kneeling before you; I know that you are the owners of leadership. What I am asking is that let’s work hard we usher into office Joel Chibuye so that he can have direct access to the President. Even me to reach the level of travelling with ministers, doesn’t it mean that I am closer? I am closer with the President; he even gives me things to take to Muchinga for my people. It’s because we are in good books. But how will he give me if I start insulting?”