NDC Leader Chishimba Kambwili says President Edgar Lungu should save himself by not contesting the 2021 elections because he will be so shocked, he will get into a comma.

On Tuesday, President Edgar Lungu dared the opposition to increase the winning threshold from 50 per cent plus one to 60 per cent plus one, boasting that he would still emerge victorious.

The Head of State also said he would not waste time responding to Kambwili’s insults because the former Roan PF member of parliament had no “skopodonono (brains)”.

But in an interview, Kambwili said President Lungu was dreaming.

“He is dreaming, just tell him that everybody is bound to dream. So he can go on dreaming. You see when people accumulate so much money that they have never worked for and they are using the money to buy voters, they think they can but the whole world but he will have a rude shock of his life. If the whole powerful UNIP went down, who is Lungu to say that even if we increase to 60 percent plus one he can win? Because even the last election, he went through 50 percent plus one by a very small margin but he is drunk with unknown powers, swimming in wrong waters under monitory jackets,” Kambwili said.

“The man, because he has accumulated so much wealth and wherever there is election he goes to throw in money thinking he can buy people, but the people of Zambia are not stupid. They are just patient and when the times comes, they can really give you a shock of your life and you will be in for a rude shock in 2021. My advice to him is let him not even try to stand because he will be so shocked, he will go in a comma. The shock in 2021 will take him in a comma because he is over confident, no wonder his ministers can be telling people when they complain about salaries that ‘if you want you can resign’ because he has become so arrogant. This is the most arrogant government since independence.”

Meanwhile, Kambwili said he had never insulted President Lungu as all he had been demanding was an explanation on how the Head of State became so rich.

“I don’t insult him, I just want him to tell us where he has gotten the money from? So those are not insults. It’s because he has no explanation for his ill gotten wealth. I have never insulted him [but] all I am asking for is to tell us where he has gotten the money from and that your government is corrupt. So it’s not an insult. He has no answers for me because I tell the truth. Yes he cannot answer me because he has no answers,” said Kambwili.

“He is not a businessman. How can he has so much money [such that] even his children, even his wife, everybody the whole family is rich. Where have they gotten the money. So he has no explanation but he will come and answer after 2021. He will answer to the people of Zambia, he will have answers because in court he will be compelled to answer. I don’t need his answers now but tell him that in 2021 he will answer through the court. And the people of Roan will not waste their vote on his candidate because they now prove that he is corrupt because of the money that they are dishing out here. They are giving money like newspapers, throwing money like newspaper. So the people now believe that he is really corrupt, where has he gotten the money that he is throwing in the campaign like this? So he will be taught a lesson.”