Some PF cadres have issued death threats against NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili.

In a video shared with News Diggers, the PF youths, whom Kambwili says are from Lusaka’s Intercity Branch, insulted the former Roan PF member of parliament, his mother, and also threatened to kill him.

“Chishimba Kambwili sata***ko , ba noko chi**o, twala kuipaya iwe mwaice, isa! ([Unprintables]… we will kill you little man, come we show you. We are in Luanshya, show yourself if you are strong). Kabwalala, ulandila pa media, sokoloka, ulebomfya ici fumo (You criminal, you just speak through the media, show yourself here, stop using your big tummy),” the youths said.

“Kambwili kumu tom**la banyina kuti akwatako amano…akose fye pantu infwa yakwe nai nunkila (Kambwili will have brains when we sleep with his mother. He should be ready because his death already smelling)”.

And in an interview, Sunday, Kambwili said he had been receiving similar threats since the Roan victory.

“Those are Intercity boys that Mwila brought to Luanshya for the purpose of violence to hunt me and kill me, that was the purpose and that’s their own video, they filmed it themselves. This was just before their last rally, they were going to attend the President’s rally in Mpatamatu,” Kambwili said.

“I have received plenty of such threats. Politics is not about threats, and I have told the PF that they can never threaten me because I can never be threatened. The pity is that even if you have evidence like that and the people are well known, they can never be arrested, instead, Katanga will change the story that it was actually NDC who were causing violence. I have a boy here in my house who was beaten very badly by PF and the police have refused to give him a police report because among the people who were there when they were beating him were Bowman Lusambo and Nathan Chanda.”

He said President Lungu was being hypocritical about violence.

“This is how our country has sunk so low that the President stands on a podium and lies that there should be no violence and ferrying cadres when his party is in the forefront of doing this. That’s why that man is not fit to be President because he doesn’t mean his words. He knows that his party always ferries cadres from Intercity but he pretends,” Kambwili said.

“These threats from PF in this video, I think I will take it further. Even if it means taking it on an international level, I will because we cannot allow people to continue with this kind of thing and they go scot free. Bowman Lusambo performed an act of aggravated robbery, stole K15,000 and phones from one of our vehicles that was damaged. Police opened a docket for aggravated robbery but Katanga comes back and tells them not to go ahead with that docket and ask them to instead charge NDC officials, this woman is a disaster and she must be removed as police chief.”

Kambwili expressed disbelief that the youths could insult and threaten him in the manner they did.

“They don’t want to accept what is on the ground, that’s why they have started losing elections, they believe in deceiving. I feel so bad that our democratic dispensation has now become feeble. I demand that President Lungu instructs police to arrest all those in the video, they are known boys, saying ‘alefwa, infwa nainunka, fuma!’ Insulting my mother, insulting me in public! I can’t believe this nonsense, I can’t believe it is happening in Zambia, I can’t believe it is PF perpetrating these vices because that’s not the reason we formed PF,” said Kambwili.

“We formed PF to push a pro-poor agenda but now PF has become violent, it has become a conduit for people to be rich. Just look at Bowman, who was he before he became a member of parliament? He was a nobody, with a Toyota Corrola, today you go to his house and there are over 10 cars parked, he comes here to dish out money like no man’s business, where is he getting the money? Mathew Nkuwa, the Minister of Energy, the ballifs were on his door before he became a minister to grab that Icon hotel he has built including household properties, today Mathew Nkuwa can donate K100,000, K200,000 and throw K250,000 in the Roan campaign? It is clear these guys are stealing and we can’t watch like this, anyway, this is the beginning of the end.”

Meanwhile, in a statement, NDC vice-president Josephs Akafumba said he had written a complaint to Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja and Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga over the threats on Kambwili’s life.

“The known PF cadres are seen in the video threatening violence, insulting the NDC Consultant and vowing to kill him. How do you allow a situation where cadres can openly record themselves in a video threatening to kill someone and you take that as normal? These cadres are well known and the threats are there for all to hear. We have also downloaded the video and will take it together with the letters so that the police don’t tell us that they have not seen the video,” said Akafumba.