A police officer Monday afternoon took the Ndola Magistrates’ Court to the scene of crime where PF Ndola District Youth Chairman Oscar Himanga was apprehended with 70 bags of 25 Kg mealie meal which was earmarked for smuggling.

Himanga, who is PF Kamba ward councillor, was arrested for smuggling mealie meal to the DRC.

This is in a matter in which Himanga, 42 and Kombe Musonda were arrested at around 04:00 hours on the material day for smuggling.

It is alleged that on January 23 this year, the duo jointly and whilst acting with others unknown did assemble 25 kilograms by 70 bags of mealie meal for the purpose of smuggling.

When the matter came up before Magistrate Obbister Musukwa, Gervis Mwamba, who was still under cross examination, led the court to the scene of the alleged crime.

One of the defence lawyers from the legal aid board, Ethel Banda, challenged Mwamba to state whether the scene that the court had been taken to was the border of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

“Are you telling the court that this is the border of Congo? How many kilometers is it from here to Congo,” she asked.

Mwamba responded that the distance was two meters from where he was standing towards the border to the DRC.

Mwamba said he was very familiar with the area.

Magistrate Musukwa adjourned the matter, to May 14, after the defense lawyer informed him that the prosecution would only avail three necessary documents for cross examination at a later date.