National Democratic Congress (NDC) president ChishimbaKambwili says he will not stop calling people who are stealing public funds, adding that the panic by those in government when referred to as thieves shows that they are indeed stealing.

And Kambwili said after the death of Michael Sata, PF has remained a disgusting party of thieves.

Speaking when he featured on I-Wave Radio in Chingola, Kambwili challenged intelligence officers to go and tell President Lungu the truth about what he was saying, adding that President Lungu listens whenever he speaks.

“These people in leadership today have failed to deal with peoples’ problems, that’s how it is when you impose yourself on people as a leader. All that the people in leadership know is just to build houses in Lusaka, all the space in Lusaka has been taken up; wherever you go you will find that it’s a minister or the president who are building houses, but people are suffering. Now when we talk like this, they say that we are insulting them, have I insulted here? I am just saying the truth about the wrongs they are doing. People are suffering as if there is no government. I am appealing to you colleagues in government; work for the people. Even you people from the OP who are listening, don’t go and write false reports that ‘Kambwili didn’t say anything; go and tell them the truth because ‘ine nganalanda na Lungu alatulumuka, na wine ilakololoka’ (when I speak Lungu gets scared, he gets sober from wine intoxication),” Kambwili said.

“There is a lot of suffering here in Chingola, people are hungry due to the poor policies by those in government. If I had known that this is how the PF that we formed with Sata would be like this, that it would become a party of injustice, I could not have been part of it. We formed PF because we wanted to better the living conditions of the people. I had hope in Sata that he was going to work for the people and of course he did a number of good things, it was sad he died when we needed him most. Now the current PF in government under Edgar Lungu with strangers in PF, have damaged the country. They only care about themselves and their own pockets; they are blatant thieves and whenever I call them thieves they say that I am insulting them, I don’t insult people but if you have stolen, I won’t call you Jesus Christ. If you are oppressing people, then you are a devil, even the devil himself is better.”

Kambwili said the panic by those in PF whenever he called them thieves was a sign that they were stealing.

“If you have plans to kill me for telling you the truth; you are cheating yourselves, I am protected by the L ord. They panic whenever I tell them that they are thieves and send their cadres to come and harass me, if they were innocent they could not have been panicking but because they are thieves, they are busy panicking because they know that they have been stealing. I am appealing to you people here in Chingola to rise and show PF that you are not happy with what they are doing, elect people who can help you to deal with your problems. As we go towards elections, they will be coming and pretending to be prayerful as they seek your votes. They will even be lying to you that Kambwili likes insulting; I don’t insult, I am just outspoken and it’s through being outspoken that I manage to get things done,” Kmbwili said.

“PF is even disguising now, if Sata was to resurrect today, he would whip all of them in PF. Those people who were insulting Sata, those who were stealing whom Sata was fighting, they are the ones who have become ministers now and they have become so rich. Chingola was the biggest employer in the mines, it was the cleanest town in the country but now see what has become of this town, people are losing jobs and contracts every day. Musukwa is MP in Chililabombwe, people are suffering but you can’t do anything as minister of mines, Nkhuwa is a minister but even him he is doing nothing. When I was a minister, I was very active to push for projects hence even the major roads in Roan are well done. Work for people, if you ignore them now, they will also ignore you in 2021.”

And Kmbwili wondered why the police had not arrested Lusambo despite overwhelming evidence showing that he was the one who caused the death of Obert Kasongo.

“PF cadres are now above the law, they beat up Obert, they hacked him with Pangas; it was Bowman Lusambo who hacked him, the minister, it was not any other person. Bowman passed by the police station that same night when they hacked Obert and he was asked by the police as to what he was doing at that time of the night with these people you are with, he said he was patrolling the area, but the police advised him to go back to the PF camp but he went ahead, and found our people taking our polling agents to polling stations because we were not allowed to take them during the day as president Lungu was campaigning in the area. When Bowman met our team, he started beating them with his cadres. The late Obert even shouted that ‘you will kill me Bowman’ but he told his cadres to continue beating him. The man died yesterday, but Bowman has not been arrested because he is a minister. We are still waiting for Bowman to be arrested, otherwise we shall hold the government accountable. We don’t know why they have not arrested him up to now despite over 80 witnesses presenting their evidence so far,” said Kambwili.

“PF under Lungu are sacred, they can’t be touched, so who sends people to cause violence? Bowman, after he heard that the man he had beat up had died, he started panicking and denying that he was not even in the area where the incident happened. But Bowman is renowned for violence, he was recently boasting that he slapped me at parliament, after denying for a lot time. He is used to hooliganism. If he was arrested the time he slapped me at parliament, he could have stopped but they let him free and he has now killed a person.”