Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba says even if the ruling Patriotic Front decides to readmit him to the party in 2041, he will wait because he will be more comfortable there than he was in UPND.

And GBM who is the former vice-president of the biggest opposition party says he felt irrelevant and sidelined in UPND.

Last month, PF Secretary General Davies Mwila said only President Edgar Lungu had the power to override the PF Central Committee’s pending decision and accept GBM’s readmission to the party before three years, stressing that this discretion could only be made if the former UPND vice-president formally wrote a letter to the secretariat, declaring his intention to rejoin.

When asked in an interview with News Diggers! if he would apply in writing to rejoin the ruling party, GBM said he applied a day after he resigned from UPND.

“Why not? Because every party has got rules and regulations on how to run the party. And for your [own] information, I have already done that. I did just a day after I resigned. I already wrote,” he said.

Asked if he was willing to wait for the three years before being readmitted, GBM said he was willing to wait because he would be more comfortable in PF.

He said even after 2042 he could wait because PF was his home, adding that he was very much humiliated in UPND.

“I’m ready to wait because I think I will be more comfortable in that party than in UPND. Even after 2042, I can wait. If I will be readmitted in 2041, I can still wait. Because I think my home is in PF not in UPND. There is hope in that party and there is sanity in that party. Its not run by a dictator. I was very much humiliated (in UPND),” GBM said.

Asked what kind of humiliation, he lamented that he felt irrelevant and sidelined in the opposition party.

“So many things, you know to be sidelined. And to be irrelevant in a party, then thats humiliation on its own. For a politician of my magnitude, its humiliation,” he lamented.

On April 23, this year, GBM resigned from UPND and rejoined the ruling Patriotic Front party.

He also vowed to dismantle the opposition party saying he would soon embark on a countrywide tour to de-campaign the party.

GBM also apologised to President Lungu “for all the insults he showered on him”.

This was only two weeks after he vowed that he would never dare return to PF because it was a party of criminals who had caused a misery on the people of Zambia. He said he was worth over US$50 million and as such, no one could buy him in the ruling party.