The Mine Workers Union of Zambia says Vedanta, which runs Konkola Copper Mines must go because it has failed to run the mine.

Speaking at a media briefing held at Katilungu House in Kitwe, Wednesday, MUZ president Joseph Chewe said Vedanta should be sent packing so as to allow other serious investors to run the mine.

“As the three unions, we share the same opinion that we have done our part. We have blown the trumpet, we have said there is serious illness in KCM and enough is enough. Vendetta has failed. Today everyone is crying. Is this the investor that we want to invest in our country?” Chewe asked.

“As worker’s representatives we also join other stakeholders who are supporting that Vendetta now is no longer the one that we wanted. So we call upon other stakeholders to help send this vendetta outside the country, they have failed. What we would want is to see another investor who will come and do what is necessary for this country. As a union, we will be able to speak without fear or favour so that we can liberate ourselves for this development that has engulfed the mine.”

He wondered what government was waiting for before it could act.

“What are we waiting for? You want people to die before you can act? Enough is enough! Let Vedanta go!” demanded Chewe.

Chewe said it was evident that KCM is heading towards closure, as all its operations had been shut down, increasing unemployment in the country.

He said the Union was also disappointed that the mining company had been failing to pay its workers and contractors.