I have worked and walked with Chishimba Kambwili, if this gentleman was given the instruments of power to lead Zambia, there will be total war and confusion, Mwenya Musenge has warned.

But Kambwili has charged that Musenge urgently needs mental help, offering to take him to Chainama.

Speaking when he held a press briefing in Kitwe, Tuesday, Musenge said the conduct of the interim committee that he had appointed from the beginning was disappointing as it had isolated itself and did not take any directives from him.

He therefore, dissolved it and appointed a new team, arguing that the committee had become insolent.

“I have noted with dismay and disappointment the conduct of the interim committee that I appointed from the beginning and has been helping to run the affairs of the party. This team has become insolent and insubordinate to the extent that there is a total breakdown in communication! This has affected the smooth running of the party. The committee, which is supposed to be working with me, has literally isolated itself and does not take any directives or advice from me, I have, therefore, taken a position that with immediate effect, the interim national governing committee is dissolved! I’m talking about the interim committee and not the office bearers where we have those who are masquerading as spokesperson for the party,” Musenge said.

He also appointed a new party spokesperson, but maintained the vice president.

“I have appointed a small team that appreciates the values and principles on which the party was founded, and we will intend to prepare ourselves for the congress. The few members of the committee that I have put in place are: the vice-president of the party shall be Mr Joseph Akafumba, he shall continue in that position. We have appointed a new spokesperson, Mr Brian Chilembo. All those who will be presenting themselves as spokesperson for the party are masqueraders,” he said.

Musenge further appointed other members of the committee who included, chairperson for elections and mobilisation, among others.

He charged that Kambwili could not be a good leader, adding that if he was given the instruments of power to lead the country, there would be total war and confusion.

“I have worked and walked with Kambwili for the past one year six months or more. I have come to the conviction that this gentleman cannot be a leader. This gentleman, given instruments of power to lead this country, there will be total war, total confusion! Our colleague cannot be a good leader. It is my personal opinion; those who believe in him may continue believing in him. It’s also their opinion, but my opinion should also be respected,” he said.

Musenge further charged that as secretary general of the party, he was uncomfortable with Kambwili’s ‘vulgar’ language.

“We would want to open the door as wide as possible and allow as many people to come on board so that all those who would want to stand and contest on the party for the presidency, vice-presidency, any position, they should be free to do so when we go for the congress. We want leaders that will give respect to the party. Even if you are a president and we do agree with you, the party should be able to summon you and sit you down. Hence the simple reason why we said ‘let him apply’ because it would have given the party an opportunity to sit him and guide him in areas where we feel we are very uncomfortable,” he said.

“There are a number of areas. For example, as leader of the party, as secretary general of the party, I’m very uncomfortable with his vulgar language. It doesn’t portray the Christian values on which this party was founded. These things that we are now beginning to talk about are things that we could have ironed out amongst ourselves if he had simply applied and we sat and resolved these matters.”

Meanwhile, Musenge invited to all those interested in joining or leading the party to apply, saying he had no intentions of becoming NDC president.

“I want to state once again in categorical terms that, I Mwenya Musenge, have no intentions of becoming NDC president. My role is to facilitate the selection of a party leader or leaders in line with the constitution. I, therefore, wish to extend an open invitation to all those interested in joining or leading this party to apply to join so that together, we build an institution that will serve the people of Zambia with dignity, respect and integrity. Let people choose their own leader. The concept is to allow the general membership of the party to identify a leader amongst themselves to lead us,” said Musenge.

In a phone interview, Kambwili said Musenge had no right to fire or dissolve any committees in the party as his position in NDC did not give him powers to do so.

He said it was unfortunate that Musenge had continued to cause destruction in the party under the sponsorship of PF. 

“I thought my friend was a normal person but it is evident that he is a lunatic and i have no time to waste on him because he needs mental help, let him come to me so that I take him to Chainama Hospital because an SG can not fire a vice president and appoint a different one, it has never happened before so you can see that my brother needs help.”he said.