President Edgar Lungu on Sunday confronted major contractors ordering them to adhere to the 20 per cent sub-contracting policy so that local contractors can benefit.

And President Lungu said he was aware that Chinese owned AVIC International had been telling people that he is in their pocket, and decided to meet main contractors to get answers.

During the meeting held on the Copperbelt, President Lungu said: “This meeting was called to meet you, as main contractors on the Copperbelt so that local contractors can be getting 20 per cent, only 20 per cent and I thought we would have some answers to this question because this is the reason why I came here…especially you AVIC, I am told that you are even boasting that you have got me in your pocket.”

And briefing the media on the outcomes of President Lungu’s meeting, Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda said the Head of State was very unhappy with the way the 20 per cent sub-contracting policy had been managed.

“Non-adherence to the 20 per cent sub-contracting policy which requires under the law that 20 per cent of all sub-contracting work ought to be given to local contractors. He (the president) has made this point clear, he has clearly outlined that the law is none negotiable. He is displeased with the management and business practices of the main contractors. And therefore he has directed as follows; that the main contractors meet with the representatives of local contractors, Mr Andrew Chellah, Special Assistant for Projects in State House, and Eng Ngulube from RDA, all the contracting parties in government to meet the major contractors and come up with an amicable administrative procedure and a mechanism to adhere to that law,” said Chanda.

Among the companies President Lungu met were: Stefanutti Stocks Construction (Zambia) Limited, Poly Technologies, Golden Horse Investments Limited, Zamchin Construction Company Limited, AVIC International Holding Corporation, Hua Chang Infrastructure, Zambia Airports Corporation, Sinohydro Zambia Limited, China Jiangxi Corporation, Mulonga Water and Sewerage Company, Wah Kong, Nkana Water and Sewerage Company, Hua Jang Investments Limited, Road Development Agency, China Henan, Kafubu Water and Sewerage Company and China Civils Limited.