Human Rights Activist Brebner Changala says Zambia is breaking into pieces because of the tendency of allowing the closure of corporate institutions on ex-parte orders by the powers that be.

In an interview, Changala said it was serious injustice when businesses are closed down or liquidated through ex-parte orders, without the other party being heard.

He wondered where the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) was when the law was being adulterated.

“This new group of lawyers that are closing companies, Ex-parte without the other party being heard, I am a very sad man and worried about where our country is going in terms of the rule of law. This country is breaking up in pieces while we stand with arms akimbo. We are witnessing a new norm where companies are being liquidated Ex-parte when the other party has not been heard but a decision is made by a judge to liquidate a company. That is serious injustice which is happening in this country. And my concern is where is the law association of Zambia? Are they party to this gangsterism that is being perpetrated by the state? I am also asking where is the chief justice to protect the integrity of the judiciary? that the corridors of the judiciary are now being used by a cadre of lawyers in liaison with the powers that be to cannibalise the law,” Chnagala said.

“We are seeing a new pattern where I as Brebner Changala as a businessman, my business is not safe, it can be closed today or it can be liquidated today ex-parte and the judge will allow that without hearing me. All it needs is one of the members of this group, this new found collection of lawyers that are laying in the ruling party. We are destroying our country while institutions of governance are being cannibalised and we are watching with arms akimbo. We need to hear from the Law Association of Zambia as citizens, and as a businessman, I want to know. what is this new norm that we are experiencing? How is the chief justice allowing the judiciary to be used by this cadre of learned criminals? And it’s allowed that businesses which have huge investment and of great importance to the economy of this country can be liquidated at a stroke of a pen by the judge who is supposed to be an ambit of common justice and the rule of law?” asked Changala.