Minister of Tourism and Arts Dr Charles Banda has told his electorate that complaining about lack of development on a Katete-based radio station is useless because the media house has no capacity to change their fate.

And Dr Banda has his constituents to be patient because delayed projects mean government has no money.

Speaking during Kapoche constituency open day under the theme “Creating a platform to enhance MP/ constituency interaction”, Saturday, Dr Banda said only those who aired the grievances through correct channels would be attended to.

“Some of you like going to Mphangwe, Mphangwe won’t give you money, Mphangwe won’t construct a bridge for you, Mphangwe does not contribute development fee, Mphangwe does not make roads, Mphangwe does not build clinics so you will not reap anything from Mphangwe even if you shout the whole day, we will just be quiet and you will come back with nothing and we will not help you but he who will come to this office to bring problems of their areas, we will follow them and if its water we will give them as development iwe uzakhala ndi Mphangwe yako (You will just remain the same with your Mphangwe). Mphangwe does not end hunger let’s meet here that is a wailing place for developmental issues” Dr Banda said.

He said government is building constituency offices across the country because it wants to be close to the people as promised during campaigns.

“We asked you to vote for us so that when we come into power we talk development. You gave us a lot of needs such as water, roads, mobile networks, clinics, schools and all these needs you and us to unite to cooperate in order to fulfill the development” he added

And Dr Banda asked his constituents to be patient because if projects were delaying, it meant government had no money.

“What we want is to bring what you want but if it delays, don’t get easily upset. That simply means there is no money either in our pockets or from the government. So far, we have drilled 13 boreholes from our own pockets, we have distributes about 1,800 bags of cement to community schools and churches, bridges we have tried just give us little time,” said Dr Banda.