The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) in collaboration with two Local Authorities in Southern Province has seized assorted goods collectively worth K5,736 following two separate joint inspection operations conducted in over 32 trading places in Choma and Kalomo districts.

According to a statement issued by CCPC Public Relations Officer Namukolo Kasumpa, Monday, the items seized include carbonated drinks, yogurt, biscuits, juices, crisps, sugar, infant formula and Cosmetics all which had expired, were defective or insufficiently labelled.

“The seizure of the goods was conducted during a sensitisation and advocacy tour of the Province aimed at sensitising the consumers on their rights and obligations as well as inspecting trading premises in selected districts in the province with the view of ascertaining the traders’ compliance levels with the Competition and Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) No 24 of 2010, specifically with regards to product labelling, display of disclaimers and product safety.
He further urged all traders in Southern Province to cease selling unsuitable products which have exceeded or are close to reaching their shelf life and further advised traders to ensure that they purchased products with a longer shelf life in order not to endanger the health of consumers as well as avoid being prosecuted through the Courts of Law,” Kasumpa stated.

Kasumpa stated that acting Choma Municipal Council Town Clerk Sam Nyoni commended CCPC for continuously partnering with district councils as it reinforced local authorities’ operations aimed at protecting consumers against non-compliant traders of goods.

“The Commission has noted with great concern that rural communities are being taken advantage of by unscrupulous traders and CCPC will not allow this conduct to continue and will intensify on inspections in these areas. The long arm of the Law will catch anyone who violates the law including those in rural areas. Traders are therefore advised to abide by the law and desist from engaging in unfair trading practices or any conducts that erode consumer welfare,” stated Kasumpa.

“The Commission also wishes to urge consumers to take their obligations seriously by ensuring that they always check for labels and expiry dates on all food and non-food items to ensure the products are at their highest level of quality for their intended use. The Local Authorities involved in the operations were Choma Municipal Council and Kalomo District Council.”