Former Attorney General Musa Mwenye says it is cruel to show off corruptly obtained wealth in the name of not glorifying poverty.

And Mwenye says leaders who only appear to become intelligent businessmen when they get into power are most likely engaged in corruption.

In a statement, Monday, Mwenye insisted that citizens deserved to know how their leaders were making money because corruption was a cruel tax on future generations.

“Corruption is a cruel tax on current and future generations. Money that is corruptly stolen by leaders, is paid for by every citizen and the poor among us pay the most. It is cruel for a poor person, who can not afford to buy Panado or send their children to school, to be denied this money because us leaders steal it. It is even more cruel when we leaders, shamelessly show off our corruptly obtained wealth, in the name of not glorifying poverty,” Mwenye stated.

“That is why when we leaders suddenly become rich, the people are entitled to ask what we are selling for us to make so much money in a short time. To make money people have to either sell goods or provide a service. If we claim to sell goods or services, the people we lead are entitled to ask who those goods or services are being sold to. If the people buying our goods or services or putting millions in our bank accounts are obtaining contracts from Government, then we leaders are abusing the authority of our offices. Abuse of authority of office is corruption and is a criminal offense.”

And Mwenye stated that those who only seemed to be successful businessmen when they were in the corridors of power were most likely engaged in corruption.

“When leaders suddenly become rich chances are that they are engaged in corruption. People without any track record of business who only appear to become intelligent businessmen when they are in power or close to those in power, are, in all likelihood engaged in corruption. Those who are not corrupt must be willing to account for their wealth otherwise the people are entitled to conclude that their wealth is corruptly obtained,” stated Mwenye.

“Corruption is bad for the development of the people because the corrupt are cruel people who cannot care for the suffering masses they lead. Their interest is to pack their pockets with money that is supposed to better the lives of the people.”