Minister of Tourism and Arts Charles Banda says his Ministry has received a total of K5,434,420.01 from the Ministry of Finance as funding to liquidate overdue staff salaries at various statutory bodies that fall under the Ministry.

In a press release availed by Ministry of Tourism and Arts public relations officer Sakabilo Kalembwe, Wednesday, Banda announced that the Ministry had finally received the much-needed funds to liquidate the overdue staff salaries.

“This follows the pronouncement by President Edgar Lungu during the 2019 Labour Day Celebrations that government would work out modalities to sort out salary arrears in statutory bodies and dismantle them. The Ministry had the misfortune of accrued salary arrears for its statutory bodies due to delayed release of grants,” read the statement.

“The Ministry has apportioned K1,780,371.67 to National Museums Board to dismantle two months’ salary arrears; the Zambia Tourism Agency receives K1,665,916.67 and National Heritage Conservation Commission will receive K1,125,010.00 for the same purpose. The Zambia Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Studies is allocated K413,121.67; Hostels Board of Management K208,333.00 and National Arts Council gets K200,000.00 and grants for establishment for artists and artisan is K41,666. 67.”