Patriotic Front Secretary General Davis Mwila has told Kitwes District Commissioner Binwel Mpundu to resign from his position if he has any aspirations to stand as a member of Parliament for Nkana Constituency.

During a press briefing held at PF Secretariat in Nkana West, Monday, Mwila said all civil servant who have interest in taking part in politics should resign in six months time.

He charged that Mpundu had been causing confusion in Nkana Constituency and urged him to step down from public office if he had any political ambitions.

“I have no apology to the DC and I am making it clear that if he wants to stand he should resign or else if he continues to cause confusion in Nkana Constituency we will kick him out because there is a call that they should resign in six months, so if he wants to be a politician he should resign,” Mwila said.

When contacted Mpundu said he was not aware of Mwila’s sentiments and was unable to react.

Mpundu, however, indicated that he was loyal to the office of the President and he has no intentions of taking part in any political activities as he remained a civil servant.

“I have not heard what the SG said and in any case I can’t respond to his observations because he’s too senior and that would be disrespectful, but I am loyal to the Office of the President, said Mpundu.

Meanwhile, Mwila reiterated that PF had rejected four resolutions from the National Dialogue Forum.

“The proposal to amend Article 103 and in particular to increase the time for the hearing of a Presidential Election Petition from 14 to 30 days is supported. This will afford the parties time to present their respective cases, The proposals to amend Articles 112 and include a new Article 117A so as to create the office of Deputy Minister is not supported. The PF Government is still committed to a lean Government. The proposal to amend Article 116 by the inclusion of a new sub article 4 to entitle Ministers to continue holding office until a new Government is elected is supported. This will enable the Executive Government to continue performing its functions without any lacuna or disruption. The proposal to repeal Articles 69, 70, 71 and 72 are supported and by variation, the Central Committee proposes that the period in which a civil servant is required to cease being a civil servant before seeking election to political office be reduced from 2 years to 6 months” said Mwila.
even when lies shall not be glorified.

“The NDF was not a PF gathering. It was a sitting of the people, the Zambian people. In this regard, the Party shall appear before the Parliamentary Committee to give its official position as adopted by the Central Committee and the Party is aware of the lies, the malice and falsehoods being championed by the opposition and their surrogates in the Civil Society and some sections of the media against Patriotic Front and its leadership regarding the various NDF Resolutions. PF remains committed to the idea that we embrace criticism in whatever form and shape it comes but we shall not glorify lies and cheap propaganda at the expense of truth.”