If I were going to be beaten, I would rather somebody just tells me what I am not doing right because I am here to serve Zambians, Works and Supply Minister Mutotwe Kafwaya says.

And Kafwaya says by claiming that he can improve the economy immediately after winning elections, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is overrating himself just like a peacock aggrandises its wings.

Speaking when he featured on the People’s Debate programme on Pan Africa radio, Wednesday, Kafwaya also said the UPND had no capacity to manage relationships hence the failure of the Opposition Alliance.

Reacting to headlines that followed the beating of the Justice Minister, Kafwaya who is also Lunte PF member of parliament said it was better somebody told him where he was not doing right than resorting to beating.

“To say that more ministers to be beaten is not right but if I were going to be beaten, I would rather somebody just tells me if there is something I am doing wrong because I am here to serve Zambians. So the aspect of planning of beating me up, you just come to my home and we talk. I live among you. Or you come to my office and tell me where you think I am not helping so that I can help or I explain my position. So don’t beat us, let’s talk [because] hatred doesn’t help,” Kafwaya said.

He also said that Hichilema was overrating himself by claiming that the economy would improve the moment he is sworn in as Republican President.

“He is entitled to overrating himself. He can overrate his reputation using the peacocks sense of aggrandisement. The peacock can spread its wings, it aggrandises itself and thinks it’s so big when in fact that may not be the case. You need to measure yourself. And speaking about the UPND, this is a political party which has failed to replaced their vice-president. Two positions of vice presidents, Dr Canisius left many months ago, GBM has left and they have not replaced the position of vice president within the party. Now someone who has failed to replace the two positions of a vice president comes and says ‘when I am announced winner, the economy will improve instantly’ like what has happened with the appointment of Dr Bwalya Ng’andu, the financial markets have responded. This is a party which has failed to even come up with a manifesto,” Kafwaya said.

And Kafwaya accused the UPND to be the main cause of the crumbling opposition alliance saying that the party had failed to manage relationships.

“How many alliances has UPND been into since inception? So UPND has got no capacity to manage relationships. Other political parties have got comedians. But the main player and main cause of this is the UPND because if they had clarity on how they want their partnership to run, they would have known which political parties they could integrate or they can accept. But they accept everything just for them to get numbers. PeP, PAC, and NDC should have known that they were dealing with the UPND. You use principle to create an alliance. Ati tiyeni tibachose chabe (let’s just removed them) it is not you [as an alliance] to remove the sitting government but it is the voters. You can’t hold a press conference just to talk about President Edgar Lungu and think that the Zambian people, those who support him and those who voted for him will be happy with you,” said Kafwaya.