British High Commissioner to Zambia Fergus Cochrane-Dyet has advised Chevening scholars to come back to Zambia after completion of their studies to offer their talent to develop the country.

Speaking when he presented the prestigious Chevening certificates to 23 lucky scholars, who have been sponsored to study in the United Kingdom, High Commissioner Cochrane-Dyet urged the scholars to return to Zambia after completion of their studies to develop the country.

He hoped the experience they would gain from studying in Britain would give them additional skills and enhance their talents.

“The reason the British government is giving you a scholarship is because we want the betterment development of Zambia and you will be identified as people with potential. We don’t expect you to come and stand for elections in 2021, but we do expect you to come back! That is what is important. We don’t expect you to stay in Britain indefinitely and give all that talent to Britain. We want you to give that talent to Zambians. I hope that the experience in Britain will give you additional skills and enhance your existing talent, and that you will be able to put your shoulder to the will and work for the collective development and betterment of Zambia,” High Commissioner Cochrane-Dyet said at the British High Commission in Lusaka, Tuesday.

“The prospects of studying in Britain is a very wonderful prospect. Britain has many of the universities in the world. Whatever university you go to, you are not going to be surrounded by the British people. There will be other international students from Africa and from all around the world. And that means richer experience because you will be rubbing minds literally with people from very different backgrounds and life experience from those you have joined with here in Zambia.”

He called on the scholars to socialize and step out of their comfort zones.

“You are going there for academic studies and that should be your top priority. But that is not what university is all about and it will equally be a pity from you to go to Britain and do nothing, except studying and spend time in the library because the universities have got so much more to offer. The university will help and arrange activities around where you are staying or around your faculty. Get to meet other people and step out of your comfort zones. If you meet other Zambians or Africans, just don’t stick to them; diversify! That is what experience is all about,” said High Commissioner Cochrane-Dyet.

Chevening scholarships are awarded to individuals with demonstrable leadership potential who also have strong academic backgrounds.

The scholarships offer full financial support for future leaders to study for any eligible Master’s degree at any UK university, whilst also gaining access to a wide-range of exclusive academic professional and cultural experiences.