LAZ rejects Parley’s invite to make submissions on Bill 10

The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has rejected the invitation by the National Assembly to appear before the parliamentary Select Committee to scrutinize the proposed Constitution Amendment Bill No. 10 of 2019 because the matter is already before the Constitutional Court (ConCourt).

In its letter dated August 23, 2019, addressed to the Clerk of the National Assembly, LAZ president Eddie Mwitwa stated that the Association could not submit to or attend the Select Committee because the issue was the subject for adjudication by the ConCourt.

“We acknowledge with thanks receipt of your letter of 8th August, 2019, which we received on 12th August, 2019, wherein you invited the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) to submit a detailed memorandum on the ramifications of the Constitution of Zambia (Amendment) Bill No. 10 of 2019, to the Select Committee of the National Assembly by 23rd August 2019, and attend the said committee on 17th September, 2019,” stated Mwitwa.

“Kindly be advised that LAZ is unable to submit the said memorandum nor attend the Select Committee on the appointed date because the issue of the ramifications of the Constitution of Zambia (Amendment) Bill No. 10 of 2019, is the subject of adjudication by the Constitutional Court in Cause No. 13 of 2019, to which the National Assembly is the Third Respondent, and, therefore, sub-judice.”

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Professor Bufi
Professor Bufi

Mwitwa good response. Let the Law takes its course. They were intimidating U that they will go ahead now they are beginning U. Viva LAZ

Chimba Mwila
Chimba Mwila



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