Police in Livingstone say they have received a report of an unidentified man who was killed by an elephant.

Spokesperson Esther Katongo stated that the incident happened is believed to have happened in the early hours of Monday in an area between Dry Manzi and Mukuni turnoff.

She stated that the victim was believed to have been carrying a bag of cabbages when he met his fate, as the elephants left him disfigured and intestines exposed.

“Police in Livingstone of Southern Province received a report of elephant attack suspected to have occurred in the early hours of today, 30th September, 2019 at unknown time. This happened between dry Manzi and Mukuni turnoff. An unidentified male victim believed to have been carrying a bag of cabbages was killed by an elephant which is believed to have gone away with the bag of cabbage while other cabbages dropped. The body which was found with several injuries and protruding intestines was discovered by members of the public. The Body of the deceased person is in Batoka Hospital mortuary,” stated Katongo

Two weeks ago, another elephant killed a tourist guide in Livingstone.

Katongo named the victim as Mchinga Siavwapa of Nottie Broadie in Livingstone who was also owner of Southern Safari touring company.