German Ambassador Achim Burkart says Zambians should work towards maintaining the peace it enjoys.

Speaking during the Poppy Appeal Zambia and exhibition of African soldiers in the First World War at Alliance Francaise in Lusaka,Wednesday, Ambassador Burkart said the war should remind leaders of the disastrous consequences of lack of dialogue and compromise in politics and diplomacy.

“This war, with its senseless bloodshed, shows where national arrogance and military hubris can lead. It also reminds leaders and everyone of the disastrous consequences of a lack of dialogue and compromise in politics and diplomacy. The peace that Zambia is has today and that we sometimes take too much for granted, is anything but a matter of course. I urge Zambians to work to maintain it. That is why, I too, want to express the concern that I feel when I see such an
expedition. The concern, for example, that national blinkers will again be put on, which could once again lead to action that simply ignores our mutual interdependence, relations and ties,” Ambassador Burkart said.

“Today, more than 100 years on, we look back at this war, we commemorate the victims, the women, men and children. We commemorate the soldiers who lost their lives on the front. However, standing still is not an option. So we must ask ourselves what does it mean for us today? War has to be the very last resort and we should do everything possible to protect this world from this vice,” said Ambassador Burkart.

And speaking at the same event, Lusaka Province permanent secretary Elias Kamanga said in order
to continue remembering those who sacrificed during these wars, the battle fields in areas like Mbala needed to be preserved for posterity, educational and tourism purposes.

Zambia Poppy Appeal patron Princess Nasilele hands over a Poppy certificate of recognition German Ambassador Achim Burkart during the exhibition of the First and Second World War at Alliance Francaise in Lusaka on October 30, 2019 – Picture by Tenson Mkhala