Auditor Generals in the region have been encouraged to report on their own performance using the integrated approach.

And the Auditor Generals have further been encouraged to help nations embrace good financial governance if lives of the citizens are to be transformed in their respective countries.

Speaking at the on-going African Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions English speaking countries (AFROSAI-E) 14th Technical Update Conference in Cape Town, South Africa guest speaker Dr Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi said inclusive public audits are an integral part in ensuring that good financial governance was attained in member countries.

According to a statement issued by Zambia’s Office of the Auditor General public relations head Ellen Chikale, Dr Fraser-Moleketi said as Supreme Audit Institutions aimed to achieve Goal 16 of the SDGs which is “Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions” there was need to execute inclusive public audits where no one is left behind.

Dr Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi, who is the Chancellor of the Nelson Mandela University, further observed that transforming the lives of citizens must be the drive of all national public audits.

On the integrated approach of reporting performance AFROSAI-E Sustainability Assurance Manager Melissa Reddy said the integrated approach gives a holistic overview of how the SAI is fairing.

She said this promoted transparency and accountability in the respective Offices of the Auditor General and remained part of their good corporate governance.

“In Zambia, Office of the Auditor General has consistently been reporting on its performance over the years in its Administrative Reports. This is one way of demonstrating International Standard for Supreme Audit Institutions (ISSAI) 20 which promotes on Transparency and Accountability,” stated Chikale.