NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili says no matter how many times he is arrested, he will not relent to speak for the people.

And Kambwili says President Edgar Lungu and Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo should stop going to church because God can not accept their prayers.

Meanwhile, Kambwili says he will lodge a complaint to Human Rights International bodies against a police officer who pointed a gun at him in Kitwe on Saturday night.

Speaking to journalists at his Luanshya residence, Sunday, Kambwili said he would never be intimidated.

“Even if somebody has caused conduct likely to cause a breach of peace, does it call for you to follow him up with guns and pick him at an inappropriate time? That is a misdemeanour for which you can issue a call out. Mulefwaya mukanjipaye (do you want to kill me?) I will tell you this, you will kill Chishimba Kambwili but there will be another one. I am speaking on behalf of Zambians I am telling them the wrongs the government is committing I will not relent!” Kambwili exclaimed.

“I am ready for you. You can arrest me as many times as you wish. But it is now getting out of hand. My own plea is that you leave me alone, you have tortured me for too long. I want to tell the PF that the more you do these things, the more volume I put I can never be intimidated but now I am becoming suspicious because my life is at stake I am fearing that very soon the police will just shoot me. They beat up my wife, slapped my daughter, beat a lot of our supporters and even a Journalist..they pointed a gun at an innocent young lady from (News) Diggers! Newspaper who was doing her job as a Journalist for what? I am public figure and if I go to the market and people want to greet me, there is ululation its not my fault! I am not going to be scared to go to the market. Nga abantu bale lumba chamikalipa ati mwikateni (when people are praising me, it hurts you and you send police officers to come and arrest me).”

Kambwili said the PF should swallow a bitter pill that they are no longer wanted.

“I was arrested on a charge for conduct likely to cause a breach of peace and detained until 23:00. Had we not made efforts through our lawyers and everybody else, I should have slept in custody. But thanks to my legal team that advised that I should just pay a K50 and I will be released but I did not commit any offence. PF are scared they said we are not a factor but why are they getting scared of us? Is this governance? If people have decided that it is no longer PF there is nothing you can do about it,” Kambwili said.

“And the police were saying they were just receiving orders to lock me up. Allow political space for democracy to flourish and let the people of Zambia choose who they want to lead them. I want to say I am disappointed with the behaviour of the PF through the police. This country is no longer a democracy that we aspired for, it is becoming evident by the day that it’s a dictatorship.”

And Kambwili accused the Director of Public Prosecutions of bias conduct.

“And the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) these consents you are giving for matters that are not worth prosecuting my sister you are loosing your integrity. Your Job as DPP is a job that has a security of tenure you cannot be fired by anybody. Why are you scared to tell these people that; ‘I can not take these matters to court?'”
he wondered.

“The whole system is rotten! President Lungu my brother that power you have is not in perpetuity. Political power is sweet but it must be checked one day you will be out of that office and I don’t think you would be happy for people to treat you the way you are treating us.”

Kambwili said he would report an overzealous police officer who threatened to shoot him.

“That police officer that pointed a gun at me I am going to lodge a complaint with the International human rights bodies, the Police Compliant Authority and the United Nations. These police officers should stop being overzealous why point a gun at someone?” Kambwili questioned.