If we have to changed governments every time we have load shedding, then it means the people of Zambia will have no government at all, says Kabwe Central PF member of parliament Tutwa Ngulube.

Commenting UPND secretary general Stephen Katuka’s remarks that UPND would win the 2021 general elections by over 60 per cent due to PF’s failure to govern, citing load shedding as one of the reasons, Ngulube said power cuts could not cause a change of government.

“First of all who told the UPND that this load shedding is a permanent situation? This load shedding is not a permanent situation and the people of Zambia cannot change government because of load shedding; this load shedding was not caused by the PF it was caused by Climatic conditions. It was caused by the drought but this year as you have already seen it is raining so, come next year we might not have load shedding. So, if we have to change government every time we have load shedding then it means that the people of Zambia will have no government at all. Because everytime there is a drought they have to change government. Each time it rains too much you have to change government,” Ngulube said.

He wondered why Katuka was so confident that Zambians would now accept UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

“I think Mr Katuka’s statement is a bit overzealous! He has forgotten that the people of Zambia have for the last 20 years refused to accept the UPND? Because the UPND have no agenda for this country and the UPND’s only agenda is to come and enrich themselves. Mr Katuka himself knows that even their candidate Hakainde Hichilema…how many times as he stood and he has still lost? What makes him so confident that this time around that when Hakainde stands he is going to win?” he asked.

Ngulube said the PF were guaranteed to win the 2021 general elections as the party had performed well in infrastructure development.

“The PF has performed extremely well in matters of infrastructure, even in matters of the energy sector. We are the only government that have done 20 projects from 2011 up to now. And some projects will be commissioned this December others next year. So, this issue of load shedding will be a thing of the past. So that statement from Mr Katuka was just a mare blooper; he doesn’t know what he was taking about,” said Ngulube.

“The PF, without fail, we will win with a landslide majority. The PF will come back into power with a very big margin. I am speaking like this because I have had time to go round the country and I know the situation on the ground is very clear it is not showing a signs of change. Right now the only opposition we have has failed to gather enough support, you know in the matter. So, they will not change anything as far we are concerned.”