I’ll retain power in 2021 because I’m humble – Lungu

President Edgar Lungu says the reason why he will retain power when he runs for a third term of office in 2021 is because he is a humble leader who always listens to the needs of the people.

And President Lungu has insisted that there are some political failures in the country who have absolutely no idea what it takes to be a Head of State.

Speaking when he addressed a rally in Milenge where he went to drum up support for the PF candidate in the December 5 Milenge Council Chairperson by-elections, Monday, President Lungu said things had generally been easy for him because he always humbled himself.

“You have all heard for yourselves, you cannot doubt him [PF candidate Chanda Masheke], he is one of your own, he is your own brother. He has humbled himself before all of you to ask for your votes. I am also asking you (Masheke) to continue being humble even after you are elected because things will be tough for you if you don’t do that. Ine naliichefya that’s why fyalingangukila sana. Namu 2021 ndebwela pantu naliichefya (I am a very humble person myself that’s why things have been so easy for me, and I am coming back in 2021 because I am humble),” President Lungu said.

“Ukuichefya kwaba muku kutika kubantu efyo balelanda pantu abantu ifyo balelanda ebutungulushi, kaili ninshi efyo wabalaile ati nkalamyumfwila elo nkalamibombela (Humbling onself entails listening to people and that’s what leadership is. You have to listen to people because that’s what we promise as politicians that we will be listening to the people). Tekubomba ifya mumutwe obe iyo kubomba ifilefyaya abantu ebashiba ifyo balekabila sana nga lisukulu, nagula umusebo efyo ulingile wabalilapo filya fine (you can’t just be doing what’s in your head).Not iyo ‘what can you tell me? Me I am from Lusaka, I know English’, ala ninshi mwasanswa (just know that you are in trouble).”

And President Lungu said there were some politicians who were so determined to go to State House but had absolutely no idea what that required.

“The reason I am saying this is because we are all familiar with this one politician. When his uncle died, he left him the party to lead but he does not listen to people. Pakufwa bamushile napo nga akwete ing’ombe 50 lelo shino nshiku ashala na 25 (when the uncle died he left him with about 50 cows but now he is only left with 25 cows). Lelo ifyo elo batata ba Sata bafwile, batushile neng’ombe five but twalikwata nomba ishili 500 (Michael Sata left us with five cows when he died but we have multiplied them to 500 by now). This is all because we have ears and we listen to the people. Batila ukuteka imbwa mano nomba bena babulwa amano bateka imbwa mucipyu shalibabutuka nomba bashalafye beka ngabaleenda ati ‘I know everything I have got a vision’, what vision iyabula abantu (they say you need wisdom to keep a dog but for them they so harsh with the dogs that the dogs ran away and now they have just remained alone boasting they have a vision). But what vision can that be which does not involve people? You can’t have a vision without people because it is people who would normally have a vision and would then be asking you what to do them,” President Lungu said.

“Most of the people we have in politics are not doing things right, they just want to be elevated. Instead of working with people and understand their needs, they just want to do what they want. I want to give you an illustration that there are political failures who keep insisting that they will be Presidents in this country because they don’t know what it takes to be a President. There is no one who was born to be leader, anyone of us can be a leader if they are given an opportunity.”

President Lungu also encouraged parents in the area to stop withdrawing their girl children from school and marrying them off at a young age.

“Dear parents, I am asking you, please allow the girl children to go to school and complete their education. Stop marrying them off in the seventh grade. You depriving the people of this area a chance to develop when you withdraw your children from school. What we are seeing in schools is not good at all, boys are outnumbering the girls because you treat the girls like sources of income, please stop doing that dear parents,” said President Lungu.

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J K Miko
J K Miko

What kind of a president that thinks that being humble is the requisite for winning illegal term. In Bemba they say icipashi icitalee ecikola. so he thinks by being a drunk that is what it means to be humble.


You must be joking


The issue of mealie-meal prices, your excellence, must be addressed. One of the things to address this issue is temporarily subsidize prices until prices stabilize. Divert toll gate money to do this. Currently, we are not mending roads, so there a lot of money sitting idle.

Concerned Zambian
Concerned Zambian

Being humble doesn’t create job, doesn’t put food on the table for the Zambian people. Your humbleness has not stopped the Chinese from looting our resources. Your corrupt activities outweigh your fake humbleness. Keep dreaming, you are headed for prison because that’s where you belong.


This is Diggers comedy, Lungu is not going for third its his second term. Why do you pretend you dont know. Just full of hate and jealousy. Constitionally this is Edgar Lungu’s first term. Jelousy won’t make Lungu lose in 2021. Hes already on course for another victory because there’s no alternative among the opposition. Your Hechi Hechi is too dull and lacks strategy. For late Michael Sata too win in 2011 he was a very good strategist!


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