Muchinga MMD member of parliament Howard Kunda says life is more important than anything else, after surviving a near fatal accident on Thursday night in Ndola.

The accident occurred on the Ndola-Kitwe dual carriageway near Baluba Motel when a truck reportedly owned by Chat Breweries hit into Kunda’s car, causing extensive damage to it.

Kunda said he was unhurt from the accident.

“I am fine, I came out okay, and I didn’t have any injury. I was coming from the farm at Baluba; I have a farm at Baluba so I just turned to go into the main road just less than a kilometre, about 600 metres, that is where the accident happened. It was around 20:00 hours. I joined the dual carriageway and there was this truck in front and I didn’t see it because it didn’t have any lights and it came to my side because, as you know that is a dual carriageway. He just came to my side so, I was trying to swerve, I hit into it and, of course, it didn’t roll, it stopped, but it extensively damaged my vehicle,” narrated Kunda.

“The driver of the truck ran away with the truck. He has been identified as a driver driving a truck owned by Chat Breweries. And I was told that he was arrested. He (the driver of the truck) was the one at fault because he just came to my side without indicating, there was no light behind, no reflectors, he was the one at fault. Otherwise, life is more important than anything else.”