UPND deputy secretary general Patrick Mucheleka says Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo should start by arresting President Edgar Lungu for declaring that he will win the 2021 elections.

On Tuesday, Kampyongo said UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema should stop saying he will win that election because he would soon make a mistake and get arrested.

“It’s God who choses leaders, there is no confusion. Late president Michael Sata worked very hard in government and people were able to point where he had worked. That is why Edgar Lungu contested the presidency, once and he won. God allowed it. But have you ever seen a scenario where a person loses and blames the referee? Politics is just like football, the same way you support Manchester United and Arsenal, the referee only gives orders on who can come out of the game or who has scored an offside goal. So, can you put the blame on the referee that he is the one responsible for your loss? When we were in the opposition, we used to concede defeat and Sata used to tell us ‘we have lost, let’s go back to the grassroots’. Now, Hichilema keeps on saying’ I will win’ how will you win? One day, you will make a mistake and we will arrest you,” said Kampyongo

But in an interview, Mucheleka said Kampyongo did not have the right to issue such threats.

“Kampyongo has no authority whatsoever to issue such statements. That is the problem of bringing people from the streets. If you look at Kampyongo, I don’t think he has undergone any formal training that I am aware of. You are aware that he was a money changer at Katondo Street and that is the problem of getting such people and you make them ministers, they get very excited and start issuing threats. He must be able cite a particular article in the Constitution and see what law somebody has broken,” Mucheleka said.

“I have heard President Lungu saying he will win the 2021 elections and in 2026 he will still be around, declaring himself life President against what the Constitution prescribes. The Constitution is very clear, it can only allow the President to run for two terms but how come he is not arrested? The person who is actually breaking the law is Kampyongo himself by threatening to arrest people. If you give an opportunity to people who have no solid background, they misuse their authority. He is abusing his authority. The position of Home Affairs Minister has been ridiculed. When he speaks, he should be very informed. You cannot take away people’s rights as enshrined in the Bill of Rights!”

And Mucheleka asked Kampyongo to focus on tackling corruption cases instead of talking about petty issues.

“Let Kampyongo look into the issue of Mukula smuggling where President Lungu, his daughter Tasila Lungu, Lands Minister Jean Kapata and Given Lubinda and my own uncle Maxwell Mucheleka, those are the issues Kampyongo must be talking about. He should be addressing on issues of the 48 mysterious houses, he should be talking about corruption. He should be focusing on the culprits mentioned in the Financial Intelligence Centre report,” said Mucheleka