Rainbow Party general secretary Wynter Kabimba says Zambia is at crossroads because of the Patriotic Front’s aimless leadership which has brought the country to a point whereby one can’t even predict what will happen the next day.

And Kabimba has insisted that change of government in 2021 is not a solution to the country’s problems because next year’s general election will not be the first time Zambians will be changing its leadership.

Speaking when he featured on Oxygen of Democracy on Prime TV, Monday, Kabimba said the PF had completely lost it.

“We are at a crossroads as a nation. We could have done better than what we see now. I am still certain that we can do better, but certainly not under the leadership of the PF. I think PF has completely lost it! The economy is a runaway economy! They don’t seem to have an idea (on) how to bring it back on course. They are doing chipante-pante [aimlessly] in the hope that they would score. So, the state of the economy doesn’t give Zambians any hope for the future. I am not sure what the rate of the kwacha will be tomorrow; I am not sure if I am going to have electricity in my house tomorrow; I am not sure whether PF cadres won’t start demarcating my land through their hooliganism and lawlessness! I am not sure about anything in my own country. I can’t predict not only the future, but tomorrow,” Kabimba said.

And Kabimba said 2021 would not be the first time Zambians would be changing governments.

“We have changed governments before (and) 2021 will not be the first time when we are changing government. MMD came, 25 years later, we changed government in 2011. But life after 2011 has been more miserable than it was prior to 2011. So, change of government in itself is not fundamentally what will bring about the good welfare to the Zambian people. It is the choice of leaders,” Kabimba argued.

He insisted that Zambians needed to continuously seek out good leaders and ignore those who solicit bribes.

“The problems of Africa and Zambia, in particular, evolve around leadership. They evolve around citizens electing a group of men and women that are selfless. Look for men that are God-fearing, men that are righteous, men that hate bribes. The Bible in Exodus 18:17 to somewhere 27 doesn’t say, ‘men that don’t like bribes,’ it says, ‘men that hate bribes.’ So, we are given guidance in the Bible as to what type of men would drive the nation forward. And you can proclaim to be a Christian and if you don’t fit in these characteristics, then you are a bad leader. It doesn’t matter how many pronouncements you make or how many times you go to church; it doesn’t matter how many Bibles you have in your house; it doesn’t matter how many men of God you consult; it doesn’t matter how many men of God will scream your name that, ‘you are the best,’ you are a bad leader,” Kabimba insisted.

Meanwhile, reacting to President Edgar Lungu’s warning remarks to civil servants in Mongu, Monday, that he would fire under-performing employees, Kabimba observed that the Head of State had realized he had a bad crop of leaders.

“I said leadership, and leadership starting from Edgar up to his last person. So, there is no way the ministers can be bad ministers and the President can be a good president. I liked what he said in Mongu, today, (Monday) when he said, ‘now, I am not going to be warning you, the time is up, I will just be firing you!’ So, he wants to stamp his authority now because he realizes that for as long as this crop of leaders in the party and in the government is bad, we can’t say that he is a good leader,” he observed.

He also insisted that there was corruption in government, adding that some leaders’ way of life was contradictory to the Christian values.

“I don’t take many people seriously as they scream about bout being Christians because when I look at their way of life, it’s a contradiction to the ethos and values of the Bible. Yes, there is corruption. In fact, if you remember, I said it when I was in PF that PF is becoming corrupt. And I remember president Sata calling me to the office saying that, ‘your colleagues have complained that you made a statement in my absence that there is corruption in PF?’ And I said, ‘yes there is.’ And he said can you prove it? And I told him, ‘yes, I can prove it, but on condition that you allow me to go public.’ And he kept quiet and that was the end of the topic. So, there is corruption in this country and nobody will deny the fact that corruption has become a cancer,” recalled Kabimba.

And asked if he missed being a member of the PF, Kabimba said he was not opportunistic like others, adding that he had seen how a lot of politicians had been destroyed because opportunism backfired.