Ministry of Energy permanent secretary Trevor Kaunda says Zesco limited is still importing power from South Africa’s utility company Eskom, “during off peak times”.

Last November, Finance Minister Dr Bwalya Ng’andu said government had paid Eskom US$ 27 million for importation of power for one month only.

“In terms of the imports from South Africa; we have made the obligation.We have paid. I hope the bank has transferred the money,but I can tell you that for this month,for one month for us to import 300 megawatts of power from Eskom,we need US$ 27 million, which we have the resources for. As to exactly when the power is coming in, I have to speak to Zesco to see when that is going to happen,but that is a question; it is a matter of the transaction being implemented as opposed to looking for resources to pay; we have the resources,”said Dr Ng’andu

But in response to a press query, Kaunda said power was still being received from Eskom.

“The Minister is expected to issue a statement soon. Eskom and Zesco are reconciling the account but power is being received at off peak times. Regarding the exact daily quantity of power and the remaining amount on the initial payment, the details will be available through ZESCO and the soon to be issued statement by the Minister,” said Kaunda.

Meanwhile, Eskom’s deputy spokesperson Dikatso Mothae also confirmed that the importation deal was still active but declined to avail further details.