Minister in the Office of the Vice President Olipa Phiri says President Edgar Lungu has sent DMMU to donate food to Chilubi constituency because he is their brother.

Speaking during the flagging off of relief food distribution in Chilubi, Wednesday, Phiri said President Lungu cared for the people of Chilubi, that’s why he had sent high government officials to donate food to the affected households.

“President Edgar Lungu is your brother, that’s is why when he came here, he came to sleep here on this island. He wanted to be with the sisters and brothers; that is why today he has sent us here from big offices to come here and bring food and iron sheets to the people that were affected. We are here as DMMU because of the challenges that you went through here in Chilubi whereby some of the houses here in Chilubi were blown off by the strong winds, about 56 houses were affected. That is why the President Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu has sent us here to come and see what we can do as DMMU. He has given us things to come and contribute so that at the end of the day, those people who are going through challenges, we have to make sure that also they have shelter where they can live in,” Phiri told Chilubi residents, an area in which there is a by election talking place.

“As DMMU, we are here because of the school which was blown off. As you are aware, the 2018 rainy season was characterised by mixed season where we had dry spells and flash floods. To this effect, my office through the DMMU had conducted the vulnerability and needs report whereby out of 86 districts assessed, 58 districts including Chilubi and Kaputa where affected. These districts need relief food and shelter. And the current season, 2019/2020 has also seen Chilubi having flash floods which has affected 56 households, six schools and one rural health post. To this effect, my office has responded by providing 500 iron sheets to rehabilitate the affected infrastructure in the line with the build back better concept as enshrined in the SIDA framework for disaster risk reduction and these iron sheets we are going to start with this same school which is affected. The Head master here has complained about the desk so we are going to give you 100 desks so you should get in touch with us through the office of DMMU Lusaka.”

She said the distribution of food was not only restricted to Chilubi.

“In addition, my office has provided mealie meal, beans, Kapenta, blankets, chlorine and kitchen sets in response to the 56 affected households. Further, DMMU has released 2,400 bags of mealie meal in its own ongoing relief food under the humanitarian response which commenced in June 2019. What I want to assure you, the people of Chilubi, is that the President has keen interest in you and he doesn’t want to leave anyone behind; that is why he said no one is going to die of hunger,” she said.

“I am not here for the first time. We have been in Vubwi giving the same assistance, we have been in Mambwe giving the same assistance, we have been in Gwembe giving the same assistance, we have been in Kazungula, Shangombo and today we are here because you are all facing the same problems. And even if I am here, I will be here again next month to make sure that those people who have been affected receive food because our President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the Vice President under the office of DMMU have food for us all and not only the people in Chilubi but to all Zambians, to those people who are affected.”

Phiri urged the district leadership to quickly distribute the relief items to the affected families regardless of their political affiliation.

“I therefore urge the district leadership to quicken the distribution of this relief items to the affected families regardless of their political affiliation because hunger does not know anyone; it has no boundaries. I have also received requests from two churches; the New Apostolic Church and the Roman Catholics, I want to pledge K10,000 to each church; This money will come through your District Commissioner,” said Phiri.

“So can you say that President Edgar Lungu doesn’t love you? I am happy I won’t talk too much because I just want to take the iron sheets to the school, blankets to those people whose houses got damaged; we also give them pots and all of those things.”